Press Releases Iran, Azerbaijan Receiving Audio Bible Channels via Satellite TV Powered by the DBP

Iran, Azerbaijan Receiving Audio Bible Channels via Satellite TV Powered by the DBP

Faith Comes By Hearing adds Farsi, Dari and Azerbaijani channels to their current Arabic Bible offering in the Middle East

Published May 28, 2014

In January, Faith Comes By Hearing began broadcasting a 24/7 Arabic Audio Bible channel via satellite into the Middle East and North Africa, with the objective of adding similar channels in the future. Today the ministry is excited to announce they have established satellite channels broadcasting to Iran and the surrounding region in Farsi, Dari and Azerbaijani – opening access to the New Testament for millions who speak these languages.

Because satellite technology allows broadcasting to specific regions, the ministry can better use its resources by choosing satellites that will reach areas with the largest population of speakers for certain languages. In this instance, the channels cover Iran and Azerbaijan; but Faith Comes By Hearing continues to look for other opportunities and is currently negotiating to establish a Turkish channel for viewers in Turkey.

“This continues our work to provide free access to the Bible in all the languages of the world,” states Troy Carl, Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) vice president and architect of the Digital Bible Platform. “We will utilize whatever technology that allows us to reach this goal and welcome any partnerships that share our focus.”

The SAT-7 PARS channel will promote these new additions to their already existing base of viewers. They will also direct their audience on how to download the app in Farsi to smart phones and other compatible mobile devices. The Digital Bible Platform is the brain that powers these new and innovative ways to reach the world with the Holy Scripture. As the largest repository of digital Bible content, this platform enables FCBH to offer free access to Bibles in over 800 languages via downloads, podcasts, Internet radio, satellite TV and Smart TVs, while the and Deaf Bible apps permit easy mobile access.

Approved developers and ministry partners also have access to the platform through an open API (application program interface). To date, more than 200 keys have been issued and the ministry encourages all who share their passion for spreading the Gospel to apply. Radio partners are also granted access to the Audio Bibles on the platform, with over 100 partners airing this content worldwide.

“This sort of free and open access to the Bible across multiple forms of media is unprecedented,” says Carl. “It’s not important to us whether it’s our technologies—or other developers’ apps or software or their websites. The focus is to provide God’s Word to every person in their own language.”