Audio Bible Impact in Central America

God's Word in audio changes lives—from individual Bible app users to Gospel Film watching groups to community listening programs. The Lord advances His kingdom in Central America! Be encouraged as you read these testimonies of transformation through Scripture in audio.


Sustenance and Encouragement

"Rebel groups clash in many of the areas we serve," Miguel, a local partner, shared. "Recently, we took Audio Bibles to a small school in a region of heated conflict. The weary community joyfully received the audible Word of God along with much-needed supplies. Scripture sustained and encouraged listeners amid armed confrontation. Yes, this work is often hard, but I am rewarded beyond measure to witness firsthand the comfort received in turmoil."


A Blessing and a Responsibility

In Managua, Mercedes says that teaching the Word of God is a blessing and a big responsibility, and thanks to the Audio Bible, she can do much more as an educator. She stated, "The development of a Bible listening program in our school marks a new adventure for every student! I have seen the way my students' faces light up with enthusiasm and joy upon hearing the stories of Jesus. Many of the students share what they learn in this program with their families at home. Hearing the Word of God has touched their hearts, and the Audio Bible serves as a lamp to light the way for these children."


One Day at a Time

Tomas resides in a small village tucked in the mountainside. A rapid onset of illness sent him to the nearest doctor. The diagnosis and outlook appeared grim. Finances grew thin in unsuccessful attempts to treat the disease. Many nights, the husband and father lay awake, worried about what would happen to his family if he did not survive.


God worked through a timely invitation to join a Bible listening group. Scripture in Tomas's language provided a fresh perspective on his circumstances. Tomas attended regularly and resolved to spend more time in God's Word. His understanding of the Bible and his faith increased as he gathered with other believers to hear and discuss. Tomas found the courage to live one day at a time, knowing that God would take care of him and his family.


The Power to Overcome Temptation

In a small village known as Las Pacayas, everyone speaks Uspanteco and very little Spanish. There is a small church, but no programs for youth or children. Nevertheless, when the youth began to listen to the Audio Bible, they were captivated by the story of Jesus Christ. Since then, the youth have committed themselves to regular listening of the Word. The adults of the church also learned how to pray, fast, and disciple others in the community. Young and old alike give thanks for the Uspanteco Audio Bible as they learn more about God and His calling on their lives. The pastor of the small church also shared his testimony:


"I am so happy to have the Word of God in my native language, Uspanteco. When I first played the Uspanteco Audio Bible, my whole family gathered to listen. We were deeply moved by the passage in Matthew 4:1 concerning Jesus' temptation in the wilderness. That day we learned that Jesus overcame temptation with the help of God's Word. We, too, can do the same."


Taking God's Word Seriously

Gabriela loved when God spoke Kaqchikel. Her mom played the Audio Bible daily and the words captivated her. Because the young girl took Scripture seriously, she knew that to follow Jesus meant to obey God.


On one occasion, a family friend asked Gabriela why she had not yet accepted Jesus. She replied, "I am a little afraid. When we accept Jesus, we have to adore Him; it's not a game. It's the Truth." The adult responded, "Would you like me to pray with you now to accept Christ?" As if her admission unlocked courage she did not realize she possessed, Gabriela replied, "Yes, I want to really bad." Bravely, she bowed her head and put her faith in Jesus.


My Heart is No Longer Empty

Julie shared, "When I was 18, I was sexually assaulted. The event left me scarred physically and emotionally, and years later, I found myself continuing to dwell on it. The offender was never brought to justice, which caused me to feel worthless and marginalized by my community. I felt a dark emptiness in my heart until I attended a screening of the JESUS film. Afterward, a pastor invited me to a Bible listening program. I had never heard the Bible in my language. I was amazed by the accounts of how Jesus healed so many. After learning that Jesus loves me and cares for me, I received Christ as my Savior. Even though I continue to live with the pain of my past, my heart is no longer empty. Now, I am seeing a change in my children's attitudes since they also listen to the Word of God."


Students Engage Scripture

Maria teaches 22 fourth graders at a local Christian school. She was excited to receive an Audio Bible and expounded on the privilege of having God's Word in the school:


"The Audio Bible is essential for the students because it is a new way to learn about God. Now they can hear it and better understand the message of God and His purpose for their lives. Before, the children were reluctant to read the Bible, but by hearing the Scriptures, the students' interest in reading the Bible has been aroused. God's Word impacts my students through this Audio Bible. I have great faith that I will be able to cultivate in my students the good habit of engaging in the Word of God as well as important Christian values and principles."


We Apply What We Hear

Young Pastor John serves a congregation of Miskitu speakers. The church started a Bible listening group, and Pastor John shared the exciting outcome with our partner.


"I praise God for the development of this project. I now better understand the objective of Bible listening. I see my brothers in the Lord growing stronger in biblical knowledge. We apply what we hear in our prayers and in further study of the New Testament. Engaging Scripture in our language creates fellowship and motivates believers to share the Gospel in their neighborhoods."




These testimonies give insight into the power of God, and we pray that it will inspire you as God's truth ignites the hearts of these individuals. Please pray with us as God uses the languages He created to open hearts and minds to His glory and good purpose.


Through people like you, more individuals like these can receive an Audio Bible, and Scripture will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). God's Word cannot be silenced!


Ensure that more people hear and see the Truth: Give them God's Word today.