Are You Listening?

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” – Psalm 119:105

“The commands of the LORD are radiant…more precious than gold…sweeter than honey…in keeping them there is great reward.” — Psalm 19:8b-11 NIV

It’s no surprise that people who love the Lord love listening to His Word. It instructs them in His ways and brings comfort and peace in life’s difficulties and unknowns. It motivates them to come back and listen over and over again. Who are these ones who fill their ears and hearts with audible Scripture? Here are their stories:


Sometimes the husband leads the wife. Other times, it’s the wife who finds life in Christ first and invites the husband. But it is clear that when marriages listen to God’s Word together, hearts change, love blooms, and repentance and forgiveness wash bitterness away. Home is a better place to live.

“My husband came home very drunk and noisy every night. He even beat me and our children. Neighbors knew it was going to happen. After one quiet night, they asked if he was out of town. I joyfully informed them that he attended a listening group with me and was moved to embrace Christ after hearing Scripture and asking many questions. His faith continues to grow.” – Alene, Democratic Republic of the Congo

“We have seen God’s hand in these difficult times, because every day we gather with the whole family to listen to God’s Word together. He has healed our rocky marriage, restored our home, and removed our constant arguing. We do not want our grandchildren to repeat our difficult history, but instead to keep Jesus in the center of their lives.” – Felipe and Margarina, Peru

“Our entire family fought among themselves every day. There is no peace. But since we joined a listening group and hear God’s Word in our mother tongue, peace has returned. Tranquility now rules in our home because we embrace Jesus.” – Moumini, Cameroon



In a similar way to Jesus inviting children to come close to Him, Scripture speaks to the hearts and minds of children and draws them close to the Lord.

“The devotional moments with children and adolescents have been fantastic using the Proclaimer. Many still do not read or write, but they can hear the Word. We all listen together and discuss what we heard. They love the Proclaimer very much and grow a lot in knowledge of the Scriptures. It is very good to learn more about God, our Creator and Savior.” – Angolan nun 

When Audio Bible listening becomes part of the school curriculum, attitudes shift. Actions change. Lucille arrived to teach in Midigo school but was not sure she would stick it out. The students’ behavior was awful. Then Bible listening programs began in every class. It was almost unbelievable how behavior took an upturn. When Lucille was sick, a group of boys knocked on her door. They had come to pray for her healing.

Life-threatening disease is just hard. Even more when the patient is a child. Raul’s only source of comfort and hope during his multi-week leukemia treatment in the hospital was the Yukpa Scriptures on his Proclaimer. They carry him through as he continues medical care at home.


Adherents of Other Religions

People from other religions find an unexpected message when they listen to the Word of God. The beautiful love story from God speaks for itself—the pure Word, no politics or sermons included.

“We followers of another religion always debated with Christians because we were ignorant. But since we started listening to the Word of God in our mother tongue, we recognize that Jesus is the only Son of God; the way, truth and life. We listen regularly, and that makes us even thirstier to listen more to the Word of God at all times.” – religious leader

When he heard the voice of Jesus next door, Jayam came close, sat down, and listened. His demons did not come upon him that day. Although he adhered to the majority religion, he was convinced Jesus’ voice had prevented the demons. The next day, he went back to listen again. Eventually he borrowed the Proclaimer so his household could hear. Healing and peace came upon them all. Now committed to sharing the freeing message of Christ, Jayam reaches out to villagers with the audible Word.


New Believers

Faith needs tending. Whether listening to Audio Scripture played a part in embracing Christ, or maybe faith budded a different way, it blossoms and deepens with consistent listening.

At first, it was just about gaining access to the only light in the village: Koppal and the other students needed to study at night, and the light just happened to be in the church building. The pastor gladly shared the light with them. He also shared the Gospel. But they were not interested. After he received a Proclaimer and invited them to listen, their disinterest disappeared. Koppal’s heart opened. Listening to the Word regularly now feeds his faith and his understanding of the things of God. It even stimulates his excellence in the classroom.

Figure 1: Umbu Ungu Andelale speakers receive Proclaimer Audio Bibles with the Umbu Ungu New Testament recording.

“Listening to the Scripture in our straight heart language has helped strengthen the faith and lives of everyone while listening to the Proclaimer.” – Umbu Ungu Andelale speaker, Papua New Guinea

“The Proclaimers make God’s Word understandable in the mother tongues of inmates. The ones who cannot read and write simply listen to the audible Scriptures, and they benefit by learning about God and the Bible. Listening group members choose longer Audio Bible listening sessions over playing games after dinner.” – Ugandan prison guard

There has never been a more convenient time to listen to God’s Word—Faith Comes By Hearing provides it in more than 1,500 languages. Download or stream to your mobile device for easy access. Watch a Gospel Film scripted word for word from the four Gospels; we provide them in more than 900 languages. Thanks to our partners, these resources are free to you.

Give it a try
. Listen every day for a week, a month, or a year. See how it changes your life and keeps bringing you back for more.