From Humble Beginnings

Faith Comes By Hearing Founders - Jerry and Annette Jackson

In 1972, Hosanna was founded by Jerry and Annette Jackson as a small Christian tape lending library in a friend's home.

Over time, we learned that two-thirds of the world’s population could not read or lived in oral communities. People needed to hear God’s Word – in audio and in their heart language.

So we began recording the Audio Bible on cassette – first in English and Spanish for American churches and then in other languages for people groups around the world. As years passed, cassette tapes led to CDs, which led to the physical tools and advanced digital resources used today.

We've been humbled by the small part we play in God’s big plan – a part that is possible through partners like you.

Today the ministry is known as Faith Comes By Hearing. God’s grace and partners like you have helped us become the world leader in Audio Bible recordings and an emerging leader in Deaf Bible ministry. Over 300 million people in virtually every country have experienced God’s Word in their heart language.

The methods have improved over time, but our mission of getting “God’s Word Everywhere for Everyone” remains the same.

Daily we are amazed at what God has accomplished and thankful for our partners who make it possible.

Be a part of the story & see lives changed

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