Providing Hope for Our Heroes

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More than 180,000 men and women enter and leave military service every year, many of them unchurched. As well, veterans often struggle with post-traumatic stress, enduring physical and mental wounds that last decades. Thanks to thousands of chaplains, they can find answers to their questions; and thanks to you, they can receive the Word of God on a portable BibleStick.

The provision of God’s audible Word to our service members and veterans through the Military BibleStick program is one branch of our efforts to record and provide God’s Word in every language that needs it by the year 2033. To learn more, see below.

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Hope for Our Heroes

Our military outreach program has equipped over 1.3 million service members and veterans, as well as many of their families, with the comforting truth of God’s audible Word. 

Today, you can provide Military BibleSticks for service members, veterans, and their families when you give to Vision 2033. Your gift will also support our commitment to provide God’s Word to everyone on Earth who still needs access to its life-giving message.

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God’s Word: Their Peace

Small, safe, and strong. The Military BibleStick is a small, matte-black, weather-resistant digital audio player designed expressly for the safety of deployed troops.

Pure Word of God. The Military BibleStick contains nothing except God’s Word. Each service member and veteran receives the New Testament and select Psalms in dramatized, multi-voice audio (English and Spanish versions available).

Family outreach. Along with the Military BibleStick, each service member and veteran has the opportunity to send a free MP3 Bible on disc to their family, so that all may be discipled in God’s Word.

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This is an answer to my prayers! Thank you for offering this device for free on base! God bless this ministry.
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I received a BibleStick from a VA hospital chaplain. Now I can listen to God’s Word everywhere. Thanks!
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The BibleStick strengthens me at the start of the day and provides me a sense of peace.
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Church leaders, download, print, and share these Vision 2033 and Military Outreach promotional resources with your congregation.
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Chaplains, use this form to request church-donated Military BibleSticks for the men and women you serve.
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Ministry partners, fill out this form to request Military BibleSticks for the troops and veterans you serve.
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Vision 2033
God’s Audible Word for All

We are committed to give our service members and veterans God’s audible Word through our Military BibleStick outreach. The hope and peace it offers will sustain them through many trials. Likewise, we endeavor to provide Audio Scriptures to all oral communities around the world.

Our goal: To work together with like-minded ministries and churches to record Scripture in every language of the world that needs it by the year 2033 and make these recordings freely available by every means possible.

In partnership with your church, Faith Comes By Hearing will reach out with God’s precious Word in audio to our military and veterans here in the United States, as well as to people groups who primarily communicate verbally across the world. Christ’s Great Commission completed in this generation? Mission: possible.

Vision 2033

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Reach the nations with God’s audible Word.
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Faith Comes By Hearing
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