Audio Bible Impact in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eurasia

God's Word in audio breaks down barriers—even in regions where the truth of Scripture is suppressed. Seekers discreetly listen to single-language Global Bible Apps and families watch Gospel Films in the privacy of their homes, and the Lord advances His kingdom in the Middle East, North Africa, and Eurasia! Be encouraged as you read these testimonies of transformation through Scripture in audio.



Comfort and Sustenance

Javed married his fiancée, Nasrin, in their Middle Eastern country. Immediately after they exchanged vows, Javed fled their troubled region to establish a safer life in a secure country. A local partner met the young husband and introduced him to God's audible Word. Javed put his faith in Christ.


God generously provided. With asylum granted, Javed secured employment in construction and worked hard in anticipation of the day Nasrin would join him. Daily he prayed for her and looked forward to starting their new life as husband and wife. Sadly, it was not to be. In the short time it took for Javed to establish a safe haven for his bride, she took interest in another man and had their marriage annulled.


Despondency threatened, but Javed turned to the Audio Bible. He let God's Word in his language comfort and sustain him, and each day, his heart healed a little more.


Scripture strengthened Javed's faith, and the hard-working man's life became a testimony to God's redeeming power. Because everything he puts his hand to reflects excellence, Javed maintains a spotless reputation among fellow tradesmen in the construction industry. When asked how he stays so focused, he credits regular interaction with God's Word, which he listens to on the job.


Just in Time

"We're a large family—six brothers and two sisters," a man named Rami told us. "Although I became a Christian at a young age, two of my brothers refused to believe in Jesus. I prayed constantly: 'Lord, please show Yourself to them; visit them so that they cannot help but submit to You in true repentance.'


"One of them, Eli, was injured in the civil war. He became blind in one eye and nearly so in the other. A Christian man visited him one day and asked him if he reads the Bible. 'I can't,' Eli replied. 'I can hardly see at all.' The man nodded and said, 'I can get you a device that has the Bible in audio. You don't have to read—just listen.' Eli agreed on the condition that the man bring a few more for his friends.


"After about a week, the man came back with three personal listening devices, all of them loaded with the Bible in our heart language. However, Eli wasn't there. Instead, the man found my older brother Tony—a non-believer who refused to read the Bible because he was afraid people would mock him. He asked Tony if he could leave the Audio Bibles with him. He shared the Gospel with him, telling him about Jesus' love for him and His sacrifice on the cross. Afterward, they prayed together, and the man left.


"I found out a couple weeks later that Tony was involved in a fatal car accident. The most painful thought to me was that he had never accepted the Lord nor experienced his love. But my other brother Eli told me Tony had been listening to and memorizing Scripture ever since the Christian man brought the Audio Bibles! Somehow, I am sure that God delayed my brother's death until he had a chance to meet and accept Jesus. Now, he is living in the presence of God. I give glory to God, who is full of love and compassion. I thank Him for the Audio Bible He used to save my brother just in time."



"I was not interested in God—only in stealing from others," Ivan shared. "I went to prison three times and had begun to plan how to rob a shop nearby once I got out. But then I met a man who talked about how Jesus had altered his life. His story touched me. I had never heard anything like this before. I wanted to know more, so I met with the man several times a week, and he answered my questions and shared a Bible App with me. Finally, I surrendered to Jesus and repented of my terrible deeds.


"Since that day, my life has turned a complete 180 degrees. I decided that I would never steal again and got a job. When I shared this news with my family members, my mother demanded I turn away from Jesus or leave home because she is devout to her traditional religion. I was taken aback by her reaction—I had never seen her so angry, even while I was in prison. I pray every day for her and ask God to reveal His truth to her.


"Today, I listen to my Bible App on my phone while I build houses. I know that the people I work with are also listening, because the man who taught me how to build is now hosting a Bible listening group in his home. I am glad I have faith in Jesus and am thankful to God and to those who created this Bible App."


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Jesus Heard My Prayers

Zuri laughed at the Christ follower who shared Isaiah 53 with him. "It's like you're saying Jesus is God," he scoffed. At the insistence and encouragement of the Christian, though, Zuri accepted an Audio Bible in his language and began to listen to it.


Some days later, his six-year-old daughter, who was paralyzed, deaf, and blind since birth, fell into a coma. Her family was told by a doctor that her heart beat too slowly and she would die very soon. Overwhelmed with grief, they took her home. Zuri, who does not read, grabbed his Audio Bible and held it over her head, crying out, "God, I know and believe that You have healed many sick people and raised the dead. My daughter isn't dead yet, but I ask You, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to let her live again."


Through God's greatness and majesty, the paralyzed, comatose six-year-old girl stood up and walked for the first time in her life. Her father exclaimed to everyone in the house: "Look at my daughter—she's alive again! She can walk and talk and see. I can't believe it—Jesus heard my prayers!" He even told his own father the news, saying, "The Doctor was right here in my home."




Through people like you, more individuals like these can receive an Audio Bible, and Scripture will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). God's Word cannot be silenced!


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