Audio Bible Impact in the Pacific and Oceania

Seeking to record God's Word in every language that needs it, Faith Comes By Hearing focuses on islands large and small in the Pacific. This region contains the highest number of people groups still waiting to receive an Audio Bible recording, but we and our partners work hard to provide Scripture to every last one. The Lord advances His kingdom in the countries of the Pacific and Oceania! Be encouraged as you read these testimonies of transformation through Scripture in audio.




Wonderful and Good

"I played the Pitjantjatjara Audio Scripture to a woman this morning on my phone," a partner shared. "She sat quietly listening to the Gospel of Mark while I drove. During the trip, I could hear the occasional wiru (wonderful) and palya (good) escape her lips. When we arrived at our destination, I realized the woman was in tears. She smiled and said, 'I am crying because I am so happy. Even when I am gone, my children and grandchildren will still be able to hear the Gospel. This is rikina (superb)!' Her response to the Audio Bible was a huge encouragement."


Opened Eyes

"My name is Wanda. I attended church and took communion every Sunday, thinking it was the only way I could get to heaven. When I listened to the Barai Audio Bible, the Gospel of John revealed to me that the only way to receive the gift of eternal life is to believe in Jesus Christ. That day, I realized that man is not saved by the act of going to church every Sunday or partaking in communion but is saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Through His Word, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and gave me new faith."


A Changed Perspective

A blind man shared, "It's a great joy having the Audio Bible since I only depend on my listening ability, because I don't have sight anymore. I remember, I used to read my Bible when I could still see. I have already listened through the books of Matthew to Revelation many times. As a blind person, I thought I had no use in this world. But what I heard in the Bible changed my perspective on life. Thank you so much for the Audio Bible."


So Others May Understand

"Four translators from the Yetfa Oral Bible Translation team and I were drafting a translation of Luke 22:44 about when Jesus prayed earnestly and His sweat became like drops of blood. We started discussing why Jesus was in such agony. I said, 'It wasn't just because He knew He was about to suffer physically and be separated from God, but also because He was about to bear the sin of all people.'


"The diligent translators replied, 'True! He wasn't just bearing our sins, but everybody's sin—from all over the world.' They processed this for several minutes, and then a holy hush fell on the room. For no less than 10 minutes, those four men sat in silence, covered their faces with their shirts, and wept. At last, they pulled their shirts down and wiped their eyes. One of the men said, 'Let's translate this truth so other people can understand it too.'" - Chase, Wycliffe Bible translator in Indonesia


Answered Prayer

Leonard, an official in his village, had a spirit of anger. He never allowed his wife to go anywhere for longer than a week for fear she would not return to him. He commanded her to do everything in the house—and even beat her. She decided to leave him after four years because the pain was so severe. Leonard, faithfully involved with church activities, never told his pastor what was really happening in his life. He pretended for many years that his wife would return to him.


After months of listening to God's Word, Leonard's mind and attitude gradually began to change. His turning point was when he heard Jesus speaking in Matthew 7:7-8 about asking and receiving, searching and finding, and knocking and the door will be opened. Jesus' words in John 14:15-16 about loving God and doing what He commands, then sending the Holy Spirit to help us, convicted him. Finally, he told his pastor the truth.


Leonard began praying that he could reunite with his wife. He went to see her to apologize and ask for her forgiveness. She noticed how he had changed and was willing to accept his apology and return home with him.


Leonard's prayer was answered. People started to accept him as a real family man. He stopped beating his wife, started helping her around the house, and even began family devotions. The Proclaimer is becoming Leonard's armor whenever he works to solve issues in his home and in the village. He says, "Without His love and protection in my times of need, I would not be who I am now. My sincere thank you for sending a team here to record the Ese New Testament and providing it in audio. Without your assistance, I would not have the Proclaimer in my language and my life wouldn't have changed. Glory to God."




Through people like you, more individuals like these can receive an Audio Bible, and Scripture will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). God's Word cannot be silenced!


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