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The Truth Will Set You Free

The Truth Will Set You Free

So if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.
– John 8:36

Knowing the truth about Jesus is setting Peruvian families free! Though Fernando and Cecilia came from different backgrounds, they learned from an early age that they had to work hard if they wanted to eat. When they were 17, Fernando and Cecilia ran away together to begin life as a couple. Before long, they had their first child and decided it was time to return home to get married and seek the approval of their families.

In their home village, Fernando’s parents suggested that the young couple attend a small church with them. Fernando went because he felt obligated, but he admitted that church didn’t help him or his family much. He developed a habit of going every week to sit on a pew. Sometimes he slept and other times his mind wandered to his work or plans for the day. Fernando never concentrated on listening to the sermons. Cecilia didn’t pay much attention either, and as other children came along, they quickly followed their parents’ example. Fernando said,

For many years, I went to church, but never knew why. I didn’t really know who Jesus was. I just understood that there was a God who would bless us if we went to church.

Then one day, a traveler brought a Proclaimer to the village. Hearing the pure Word of God changed Fernando’s life completely. As he listened to the stories of Jesus and heard Him speak, Fernando understood who Jesus was for the first time. He began to comprehend why Jesus came to earth, and he began to understand who he was in Jesus.

At first Fernando listened out of curiosity; but, as he discovered more truths about God, his interest grew. Slowly, the truth began to unfold in Fernando’s heart. If he wanted to be a child of God, he needed to believe in and receive Jesus. He realized he had never done that, so one night while taking care of his cattle, Fernando decided to trust Jesus. He described that night saying,

I put myself at the feet of Jesus and finally received Him in my heart. Since then, my life hasn’t been the same.

When he told Cecilia, she accepted Jesus, too. Now, both of them are motivated to know even more about the Word of God and share with others. Fernando and Cecilia are also praying for their children who never wanted to have anything to do with the Gospel because of their early experience. Fernando has a confidant assurance:

I am sure that when they know the truth about Jesus, their lives will be changed, too.

We are thankful for church partners like First Baptist Church of Humble (Humble, TX), Fellowship Bible Church (Brentwood, TN), Christ Community Church CMA (Omaha, NE), New Life Church International (Tallahassee, FL), First Baptist Church (Llano, TX), and many others who are helping families like Fernando’s find the truth that sets them free as they hear the Gospel in their heart language.

Image: Fernando and Cecilia in front of their home with their precious Proclaimer.

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