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Bible Blog The Fruit of What We Do “The Proclaimer saved my family”

“The Proclaimer saved my family”

“The Proclaimer saved my family”

So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose . . .
– Isaiah 55:11

“My husband and I fight all the time!”

Gloria had little hope that things would ever change. Her husband drank day and night, so shouting and violence were constant companions.

Then, Gloria started listening to God’s Word in Sanumá, her heart language. As God’s Word touched her heart, she accepted Jesus as her Savior and began to serve Him. Inwardly, she wished the rest of her family could find the peace and hope she had.

A missionary told Gloria he would give her a Proclaimer if she started a Bible listening group in her village. She gladly accepted the challenge and immediately took the Proclaimer home and began listening.

At first, the situation in Gloria’s home got worse. She and her husband had a big fight and he left, leaving Gloria and the children in tears. Not long afterward, one of their children got very sick. Her husband returned to help care for the child. All this time, Gloria prayed and faithfully listened to God’s Word, encouraging others to listen with her each week.

When their child began to recover, Gloria’s husband told her that he had asked God to forgive him and he even began praying with her. At the next listening group, her husband testified how hearing God’s Word had changed his life. He said he was thankful that his wife had never stopped listening because he needed to hear it, too.

Gloria is extremely grateful and says that everything she has now is because of the Word of God in audio. She and her husband now understand that God loves them enough to speak their language. She says her life is better and that “the Proclaimer saved my family.”

We are grateful for churches like Grace Covenant Church (Austin, TX), East Suburban Community Church (Monroeville, PA), Mount Calvary Lutheran (Grants, NM), Asbury United Methodist Church (Tulsa, OK), New Beginnings Christian Fellowship (Texarkana, AR), and thousands more for providing the Word of God for families like Gloria’s in Brazil and around the world. Your generous support is changing families for eternity!

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