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By Morgan Jackson, Senior Vice President So Grateful

Many Americans are shocked to learn that at least half the world is functionally illiterate.

In thousands of churches all over the world no one, not even the pastor, is able to read the Bible with any understanding.

In these places, Bible illiteracy often leads to a type of Christianity that is mixed with unbiblical practices. For example, without knowing Christ’s power over evil spirits, some believers live in fear of curses and spend a fortune seeking protection from witch doctors. Others have very little idea what it means to follow Christ and are openly involved in immorality.

Faith Comes By Hearing works with a wide variety of partners to implement Audio Bible listening groups in just such communities. Local leaders are trained to start these groups, and as people gather to listen to the pure Word of God and discuss what they’ve heard, changes take place. The group discussion allows participants to talk about how to apply Scripture to their specific situations.

One village in the Philippines saw such dramatic transformation that its name had to be changed. It had been called Tubaon, which literally meant “place of drunkenness.” But when Audio Bibles arrived, the gambling tables, cannabis gardens, homemade stills, and prostitutes disappeared. The residents realized the name Tubaon didn’t fit anymore and changed the name to Bethany, in honor of the biblical village where Jesus spent so much time!

These types of transformations are taking place all over the world, as people hear the Word of God in their heart language for the very first time. Addictions are being broken, families are being restored, domestic abuse is decreasing, and the list goes on and on.

I am so grateful that God has allowed us to be a small part of what He is doing through Bible recordings.

Image: Morgan teaching a pastor’s wife in Peru how to use the Proclaimer.

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