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By Regional Manager, Eurasia/Middle East Searching for Truth

2014 has been an awesome time for the spread of the Gospel in the Middle East. The horror and terror of the unrest there has provided workers with numerous opportunities for sharing God’s Word on BibleSticks and Mini Proclaimers:

Thank you for the BibleSticks and micro-SD cards with the Arabic New Testament on them. We sent them to Syria with a new believer who has only been with the [other] believers here in Lebanon for a few weeks, but has already been sharing quite broadly. He decided to believe in Jesus after listening to the BibleStick constantly for a week. He might now have memorized more of the Bible in Arabic than me. [This is quite a statement, as this worker has been in the region for many years – his Arabic is great and he himself has memorized a lot of the Bible in Arabic. So for him to say that this guy has memorized more, is really saying something!]

“We have given out a number of [BibleSticks] to several spiritually open people in a village 15 minutes from my house. They are meeting weekly with a believer from that village and listen to the [BibleSticks] while at their jobs.”

A worker in a refugee camp near the Turkish border said:

“This night’s meeting was a blessing. We had so many new faces. We need to find more chairs! Four were believers, the rest were from another faith who want to learn The Way. Among those four believers was a woman who arrived this week with two other believers – her husband was beheaded because their family chose the Way. It is still very fresh for her. Please pray that we will know how to encourage and help. A few times tonight we had people share how they are searching for Truth. Please pray that they hear clearly and that we speak not our Words, but those of our Lord.

“The last two weeks we had so many people leave the camp . . . those we baptized and those who studied the Word with us, but continue on the road of learning who the Lord is. Please pray that they continue to grow.”

Even though this worker can no longer minister to these new believers, they have their BibleSticks with them and will continue to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit.

Image: A cityscape in the Middle East.

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