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Perfect Peace

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.
– Isaiah 26:3

Those who serve in the United States Armed Forces face many challenges. In addition to being away from family and loved ones for an extended period of time, they often have to deal with the challenges of combat situations. Many times, the missions they are on involve risking their lives to defend our freedom.

Many return home with physical wounds and even more suffer wounds that are not as visible. The Department of Veterans Affairs says that between 11 and 20 percent of those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. These individuals live with the thoughts, feelings, and circumstances that continually remind them of traumatic events in the past. PTSD affects the lives of individuals and their families as many returning home try to avoid places that trigger fears, lose interest in activities they once enjoyed, and deal with feelings of guilt, numbness, depression, and even suicide.

Treating PTSD is often a long and involved therapeutic process, and these individuals need our ongoing prayers. With this in mind, one of our goals at Faith Comes By Hearing is to help those who serve our nation by providing God’s Word in audio through Military BibleSticks. Each BibleStick provides one of our nation’s heroes with the entire Audio New Testament, along with Psalms specifically selected to help calm, heal, inspire, and encourage those enduring or recovering from the hardships of military service. Thousands of churches across the nation have partnered with us to provide over 490,000 of these powerful digital players to our servicemen and women so far. More than 1,500 chaplains from every branch of the military have requested BibleSticks for those under their care.

Service members tell us the Word from this invaluable tool speaks to them as they faithfully serve and we are privileged to receive regular testimonies like these:

“When you are alone, with the BibleStick you are not alone.”

“It’s been a true blessing, a wonderful resource in difficult times.”

“It has helped me to cope with my experiences while in the military; helped me to stay focused on the Word of God and not letting other unwanted thoughts come to me.”

Your church can bring hope and lasting peace to the hearts and minds of those serving our country by providing Military BibleSticks. Every $25 gift provides a Military BibleStick kit, which includes a card to request free MP3 Bibles for spouses and children, so an entire military family can be blessed. Learn more by visiting or by calling us directly at (800) 545-6552.

We thank God for churches like Colony Christian Fellowship (Reno, NV), Pleasant Memory Baptist Church (Coats, NC), Ocala Christian Church (Ocala, FL), Harvest Fellowship (Hamler, OH), Wooded Hills Bible Church (Colgate, WI), and over 7,000 other congregations who are honoring our nation’s heroes by providing Military BibleSticks!

Image: A serviceman who was blessed by receiving a Military BibleStick in Iraq and shared his testimony and picture on Facebook once he returned home.

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