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Does anyone use Bible cassette tapes in 2015? The answer is YES! In the 1970s, cassette tapes were the cutting edge of technology. Faith Comes By Hearing produced one of the first Bibles on cassette during that era. These recordings were unique in that every tape came with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. Our philosophy was that you should only pay once for the Bible recording.​

We sold over 1 million New Testaments on cassette. But, as technology advanced in the late 1980s, CDs became more prominent and cassette tape sales dropped to a fraction of what they once were.

Faith Comes By Hearing ended cassette production in 2007; however, we have kept our promise of unconditionally guaranteeing each Bible tape recording that we sold.​

Every week Faith Comes By Hearing Customer Service representatives talk to folks who still use their Bible tapes on a daily basis – and they are just now wearing out after 40 years of use!

These folks, some of them now 80+ years old, tell us how they listen through the Bible every year – even going through it over 30 times! Many share that they listen every night to help them sleep.

But why Bible on cassette? Why not upgrade to new technology? Some feel like staying with what is familiar and comfortable.​

Why keep antiquated machinery on hand to make replacement tapes? The same reason that Jesus told us that our Heavenly Father knows when a sparrow falls – each person spending time in God’s Word is important to Him and to us!

Image 1 Attribution: “House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)” © CC-NC-SA-BY Alan Vernon.
Image 2: Our “antiquated machinery” at the height of cassette production.

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