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New Recordings: September 2015

New Recordings: September 2015

We are excited to let you know about Scripture recordings in five more languages! Combined these languages are spoken by about 160,000 people; ranging from Melpa (130,000) to Puinave (2,880).

Faith Comes By Hearing now has recordings available in 915 languages, which are spoken by nearly 6 billion people!

This month’s recordings are:

  • Chru – Vietnam
  • Melpa – Papua New Guinea
  • Puinave – Colombia
  • Tuwuli – Ghana
  • Vute – Cameroon

Our amazing translation partners who made these recordings possible are: Bible Society of Cameroon, The Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Lutheran Bible Translators and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Their years of dedication, commitment, and sacrifice never go unnoticed here at Faith Comes By Hearing.

Also, a big THANK YOU to all of you who help make our work possible through your support. We’re proud to stand with you in bringing God’s Word to everyone, everywhere!

Did you know that we have a number of methods to record God’s Word? Learn more on our recording page.

Image: A village listening group in Ghana with their heart language Proclaimer.

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