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New Recordings: September 2014

New Recordings: September 2014

Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be known that four more people groups now have God’s Word in their own heart language, bringing our total number of languages to 844. Praise God for He is truly good!

The newest recordings are:

  • Boko – Benin
  • Karelian, North – Russia
  • Palawano, Brooke’s Point – Philippines
  • Romani, East Slovak – Czech Republic

Of these releases, East Slovak Romani is the largest people group with about 490,000 speakers, primarily in the Czech Republic, while the smallest is Brooke’s Point Palawano, spoken by about 14,000 people in the Philippines. Combined, these four releases represent almost 670,000 people who now have recorded Scripture available in their heart languages.

We are continually humbled that we get to play a small role in bringing the life-changing Word of God to all the peoples of the world through recorded Scripture. Want to learn more about the process? Click here.

As many of you already know, we can’t do this work alone. Our translating partners have worked for decades so that our work can now be done. This is why we always want to recognize their contribution to the Kingdom. For this month’s releases they are: Institute for Bible Translation, SIM, The Word for the World, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

“Whether it be our talented and dedicated staff, our generous donors, or ministry partners from all over the world, we have one purpose – to get God’s Word to every person.”
– Jerry Jackson, FCBH founder and president

Image: An overflowing Audio Bible listening group in Tanzania.

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