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New Recordings: Nov/Dec 2015

New Recordings: Nov/Dec 2015

What an honor it is to announce to you that over 1 million more people now have Audio Scripture available in their heart language. Yes, that’s how many speakers are represented by the 9 newest recordings released during the last two months. Faith Comes By Hearing now provides access to God’s Word in 928 languages . . . which means a potential audience of nearly 6 billion people worldwide!

From Nigeria to Nepal to Bolivia and beyond, these newly-released recordings include languages spoken all around the world. People groups as large as 475,000 speakers, all the way down to a people group of just 1,800, now have God’s Word in their mother tongue!

The recent additions include:

  • Crimean Tatar – Russia
  • Irigwe – Nigeria
  • Nahuatl Tatahuicapan – Mexico
  • Nogai – Russia
  • Omwunra-Toqura – Papua New Guinea
  • Sunuwar – Nepal
  • Tacana – Bolivia
  • Triqui Chicahuaxtla – Mexico
  • Uma – Indonesia

Please join us in praying that, along with our partners, we will be able get these Audio Bibles to those who desperately need to hear the Gospel – whether through methods currently available or through amazing new technologies that we trust God will reveal to His Church.

As always, we want to also take a moment to recognize our amazing translating partners. Their years of work and dedication make our work possible. This month’s Great Commission partners are: The Bible League, Indonesian Bible Society, Nigerian Bible Translation Trust, UNTI, and Wycliffe Bible Translators. These partnerships are a great example of how we can all come together to bring God’s Word to every person on the planet!

Be sure to keep an eye out and stay up-to-date with our blog posts so you don’t miss our newest releases next month. Until then – have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Image: An Audio Bible listening group in Guatemala.

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