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New Recordings: May 2015

New Recordings: May 2015

It’s always an exciting time when we get to announce that God’s Word is now available in audio to more people. It’s sometimes even more exciting when you consider that the number of people who speak each language might be smaller than the population of your hometown; some may even be smaller than your graduating class in high school!

The newest recordings are:

  • Ekajuk – Nigeria
  • Popoloca San Felipe Otlaltepec – Mexico
  • Tuma-Irumu – Papua New Guinea

The largest people group of these three is the Ekajuk, with about 30,000 speakers; followed by Popoloca San Felipe Otlaltepec with 3,000 and Tuma-Irumu with 1,100. As you might imagine, nothing has really been done in these peoples’ heart languages outside of the Bible. But if there was only one thing ever given to you in your own mother tongue, wouldn’t we all want that to be God’s Word? Of course we would – and now these children of God can hear of His love for each and every one of them!

Another exciting announcement for this month – while at the same time very bittersweet for us – is the availability of the Old Testament in Ayacucho Quechua. One of the first New Testament recordings that we ever distributed (way back in the days of cassette tapes) was a single-voice recording done by our dear friend Rómulo Sauñe. Martyred for his faith in his home country of Peru more than 20 years ago, Rómulo’s legacy of loving the Lord and working to see that the Bible was available to all of his people now continues with this recording, provided to us by his wife Donna.

If you’d like to learn more about this amazing brother in Christ, please take a few moments and watch this video.

We miss you Rómulo, but we know we’ll see you again soon!

Image: Rómulo with his grandfather before God took them home to heaven.

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