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New Recordings: June 2014

New Recordings: June 2014

We are very excited to let you know about Scripture recordings in 11 new languages! Believe it or not, that brings our total number of recordings to 829 languages. Even more exciting, this represents a potential outreach to more than 5.7 billion people in 190 countries that speak or sign these languages. We continue to be humbled by God’s grace and provision that makes this work possible.

The new releases are:

  • Apal – Papua New Guinea
  • Ayoré – Bolivia
  • Birifor, Northern – Burkina Faso
  • Boomu – Mali
  • Galela – Indonesia
  • Kiriwina – Papua New Guinea
  • Macuna – Colombia
  • Mixteco de Pinotepa Nacional – Mexico
  • Nanti – Peru
  • Zapoteco de Sierra Juarez – Mexico

One of the new releases (not listed) is a language spoken in a sensitive region and will not be publicly identified for security reasons. Of the new languages released, Boomu is the largest people group with more than 158,000 speakers primarily in Mali, while the smallest is Nanti, spoken by about 480 people in Peru. Combined, these 11 releases represent over 425,000 people who now have Audio Scripture available in their heart language.

Faith Comes By Hearing remains committed to the mission of making God’s Word freely available to everyone and is encouraged that supporters continue to help make this possible. We are also grateful to the many partners who share our passion for Great Commission work. For this month’s releases they are: The Bible League, Bible Society in Burkina Faso, Bible Society of Mali, The Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Indonesian Bible Society, New Tribe Missions, Pioneer Bible Translators, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Working together so that all may know the Good News!

Image: A teacher in Malawi plays the Chichewa Audio Bible for her students.

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