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New Recordings: July 2015

New Recordings: July 2015

Every month when we release the newest Scripture recordings we get to rejoice that more people will have God’s Word available in their own mother tongue. But some months – like this one – we have the added excitement of passing yet another milestone. So without any further ado, let it be announced and acknowledged that we can now offer access to His Holy Word in more than 900 languages!

So, do you know how many people refer to one of these 900 as their heart language? Any guesses out there in blog land? That would be nearly 6 billion people! That’s right . . . well over 80% of the world’s population.

Combined, our newest releases alone represent over 11.4 million people, with Koya (10 million) being the largest group and Achagua (250) the smallest. As you can see, the size of a people group doesn’t impact our decision as to which translations to record. The 250 speakers of Achagua in Colombia are just as important to God as any other people group on the planet.

Here are the current releases for this month:

  • Achagua – Colombia
  • Anjam – Papua New Guinea
  • Aringa – Uganda
  • Bahnar – Vietnam
  • Bari – South Sudan
  • Chol Tumbalá – Mexico
  • Guajajara – Brazil
  • Kaili Ledo – Indonesia
  • Koya – India
  • Mixtec Magdalena Peñasco – Mexico

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you know that we always make it a point to honor our translation partners by mentioning them by name every month. Without their years of dedication and commitment there would be nothing for us to record. This month’s Great Commission partners are: Indonesian Bible Society, Bible Society of Mexico, Here is Life, Indian Evangelical Mission, The Bible League, and Wycliffe Bible Translators. Please say a prayer for each of these ministries and their continued work for the Kingdom.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Please keep an eye out for upcoming recordings to be released next month. And while you’re praying for our translation partners, won’t you please ask for a blessing on our work, too?

Thanks and God bless!

Image: Students in India listening to God’s Word on a Proclaimer.

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