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New Recordings: January 2015

New Recordings: January 2015

We are excited to kick off 2015 by announcing four new language recordings that will help make the Good News accessible to over a million more people in their own heart language! In addition to three spoken languages, Nigerian Sign Language will make God’s Word known to nearly 1.7 million Deaf in Nigeria.

The newest recordings are:

  • Cakchiquel Santo Domingo Xenacoj – Guatemala
  • Nigerian Sign Language – Nigeria
  • Tobelo – Indonesia

The fourth language is spoken by a people group in a sensitive region that will remain unnamed for their security. Please say a special prayer that they will hear and receive the peace that can only come from God and His precious Word. We also want to send out a “Thank You!” to our amazing translating partners. With our deepest appreciation, we recognize the Bible Society of Indonesia, DOOR International, United Bible Societies, and Wycliffe Bible Translators for making this month’s releases a reality. Their years of dedication, commitment, and sacrifice never go unnoticed here at Faith Comes By Hearing.

We look forward to another groundbreaking year and ask for your prayer and support as we all journey toward the completion of the Great Commission!

Fun fact: Cakchiquel Santo Domingo Xenacoj is spoken by about 5,200 people in Guatemala.

Did you know that we have a number of methods to record God’s Word? Learn more on our Recordings page.

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