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New Recordings: December 2014

New Recordings: December 2014

God is so good! He blesses us by allowing us to be a small part of bringing His Word to over 10 million more people this month. That’s right – new recordings are now available in 9 additional languages that are signed or spoken by more than 10 million people.

So you might ask about the phrase “signed or spoken.” Well, one of the new recordings is Myanmar Sign Language. Amazing, right? God’s Word for the Deaf in Myanmar!

Among this month’s releases is Yakut, a heart language spoken primarily in Russia by more than 3.8 million people. On the other end of the spectrum – with about 1,000 speakers – are the Lacandón people of Mexico. As you can see, there is no such thing as a people group being “too small” when it comes to getting the Word of God in their language.

The newest recordings are:

  • Ife – Togo
  • Lacandón – Mexico
  • Lusoga – Uganda
  • Mankanya – Senegal
  • Myanmar Sign Language – Myanmar
  • Yakut – Russia

OK, for those of you out there keeping track and counting . . . yes, that is only 6 languages and we said 9. Well, one of the sad realities that continues to exist in this world is religious persecution. And the three people groups not mentioned have to deal with this on a daily basis, so we won’t contribute to bringing more negative attention to them by publicly acknowledging these groups by name. Just know that they can now hear the truth for themselves and would deeply cherish your prayers. In addition, pray that those who would do harm to them might also come to know the peace, love, and forgiveness offered by the Word.

Because everyone deserves to know the Truth, we remain committed to focusing on our one purpose – to record and provide access to the Bible in every translated language.

Will you join us?

Image: A group of young people living on the streets of Mexico City receive the ministry of a field partner and are immediately transfixed by hearing the Bible in audio for the first time.

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