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New Recordings: August 2014

New Recordings: August 2014

Good news! Five more heart languages have been added this month to our ever-expanding catalog of recorded Scripture. Now at 840 languages, these recordings as a whole represent a potential outreach to more than 5.7 billion people in 190 countries. Did you know that this represents over 80% of the world’s population?

The new releases are:

  • Cakchiquel, South Central – Guatemala
  • Kuo – Chad
  • Selee – Ghana
  • Shawi – Peru
  • Yali, Angguruk – Indonesia

Of the new languages released, South Central Cakchiquel is the largest group with about 43,000 speakers primarily in Guatemala, while the smallest is Selee, spoken by about 11,000 people in Ghana. Combined, these five people groups total almost 100,000 people who now have recorded Scripture available in their heart language.

For those of us who speak a major trade language like English, it’s hard to imagine having just several thousand people who speak our language. But, that’s the case for much of the world. So, imagine their excitement when they learn that God speaks their language. Now that’s truly priceless.

As we always do, we want to take a moment and recognize our many partners who share a passion for getting God’s Word to the world. For this month’s releases they are: Indonesian Bible Society, The Bible League, and Wycliffe Bible Translators.

The Body of Christ working together to complete the Great Commission!

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