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Making Missionaries Happy

By Le Anne L., Customer Service Making Missionaries Happy

I have the best job in the ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing! In the course of a normal day I speak with pastors, lay persons, donors, and my favorite people – missionaries! These are folks who, in my estimation, are some of the finest people on earth. They’ve literally given their all – comfort, family, financial security – to follow Jesus and take the Good News to those who need it most, usually in far away and foreign lands.

When I started at Faith Comes By Hearing in 1985, we would occasionally get a letter from another country with requests from missionaries. Now, through the marvel of satellite phones, I often speak with them right from the middle of their mission field!

And very often I get to do my favorite part of my job – making missionaries happy!

The other day, I spoke with Ron, who is a missionary deep in the bush in Kenya. He called me at the end of his day and I could hear the weariness in his voice. He called to find out if there was any way possible that he could get two Proclaimers with the Pokoot New Testament recording. He would be placing them in villages that were an hour or so from his base. He shared that illiteracy is very high in the area.

When I was able to immediately say yes to his request, I had to give him a moment while he collected his emotions. He was so grateful and happy that the people he works with and loves would be able to hear God’s Word in their own tongue.

I had the privilege of saying yes because of our generous donors who make this all possible.

The very next day I spoke to David, who called from his mission in Costa Rica. He called to request Proclaimers with the Bribri New Testament recording on them. I again was able to tell him yes! He was flying to Puerto Rico with his family and arranged for the Proclaimers to be waiting for him when they arrived. He would then take them with him when he returned to his mission in Costa Rica.

Again, I was able to witness the gratefulness expressed by this faithful servant of God for this precious life-giving Seed!

Images 1 & 3 are from David’s ministry among the Cabecar people (now expanding to the Bribri). Image 2 shows Ron (far right) celebrating with a Pokoot listening group.

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