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Just the Beginning . . .

By Troy Carl, Vice President Just the Beginning . . .

What an amazing time to be alive! For the first time in recorded human history the Bible and its life-changing, transformative message is freely available to the masses thanks to digital technology.

And the trends continue to accelerate.

There are completely new distribution models that are upsetting the status quo. Consider privately-owned satellite networks that are freely available to leverage distribution of Gospel content. There’s an explosion of smart phone and mobile technology even in the third world like we’ve never dreamed possible; not to mention digital readers, social networks, app stores, and Internet radio. These are new technologies that allow us to bring the Gospel to those who have never heard before – and in their own language!

Our ministry has been committed to bringing the Bible in the heart languages of everyone, everywhere since 1972. In fact, because technology remained static for many years, Faith Comes By Hearing became synonymous with Audio Bibles on cassettes. But we have never been about any particular medium, product, or methodology – only about getting God’s Word to as many people as possible through any means available.

In 2004, after three days of fasting and praying, we developed the Proclaimer – a self-contained Audio Bible with a solar panel and a dynamo crank. This makes distribution of God’s Word in the most remote areas of the world a reality.

However, that was just the beginning.

In 2005, we created a smaller version of the Proclaimer – the Mini Proclaimer; shortly thereafter the BibleStick, and then the Military BibleStick. Hundreds of thousands of devices have been distributed in the last few years, but the most exciting to me has been Scripture distribution through our Digital Bible Platform, which houses the largest standardized digital Scripture system ever created. Amazingly, we can make Scripture content available in over 1,500 languages to developers around the world and over 860 of those languages are in audio.

At the writing of this blog, over 222 million unique listeners have received the Word of God in over 200 countries because of this platform and this is now accelerating!

Could it be that we are seeing the fulfillment of Scripture declared by the prophets Habakkuk and Isaiah that, “The earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”?

Already the devices in our pockets bring world news and information instantly to us; but what about those who have never heard the Gospel? This is my passion . . . to get the Word of God to those who have the technology in their pocket, but have never heard about Jesus Christ.

I look forward to talking with you in future blogs about new technologies that we are embracing to make this vision an even greater reality. God is bringing talented people and financial partners to support this work so that the Word of God can be as ubiquitous as technology itself.

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