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Bible Blog The Fruit of What We Do “Jesus was speaking to me”

“Jesus was speaking to me”

“Jesus was speaking to me”

But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Take heart: it is I. Do not be afraid.”
– Matthew 14:27

In the mountains of Peru, the Quechua people are deeply rooted in traditional beliefs. They grow potatoes; and the sheep they raise provide wool to make blankets, ponchos, and clothing. Like many other women from her village, Tica cannot read and spends the majority of her days working in the fields to support her family. No one had ever talked to her about the Gospel and she was never interested in going to church because of the poor example her parents set.

In the village, a woman named Illa hosts a Bible listening group and nearly 160 attend each week. One day, Illa invited Tica to her house for coffee and used the occasion to introduce her to the Audio Bible in her heart language. As the words flowed from the black box, Tica could hardly believe what she was hearing. She said, “For the first time I heard the Word of God in my mother tongue. I understood that Jesus was speaking to me and I began attending all the programs and listened through the entire New Testament in five months.”

She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and now Tica teaches the Gospel stories she has heard to others at her church every Sunday. She is thankful that Illa introduced her to the Gospel in the Quechua language. Tica’s goal is to take a Proclaimer to the village where her husband grew up, because the Gospel hasn’t arrived there yet. She says, “I don’t know how to read or write, but thanks to this program I’m not afraid to share the love of Christ. Almost all of my family has received Christ. God has changed my life!”

A person’s heart language is the one they use to express their deepest emotions – the language they pray in. We are grateful for men and women like Illa who host Bible listening groups and invite their friends to hear God’s Word in their heart language. When lives are transformed, people discover the boldness to tell others how Jesus spoke to them and how He changed their lives.

We are also thankful for churches like Westview Baptist Church (Hawkinsville, GA), New Beginnings Christian Fellowship (Big Sandy, TX), Church of the Highlands (Birmingham, AL), Breakthrough Church (Tulsa, OK), and Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Albuquerque, NM) who have partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing to make sure Illa, Tica, and people like them can hear Jesus speak in their heart language.

Image: A Quechua couple with the Proclaimer they use for ministry and discipleship.

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