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Jeni’s Story

Hear Jeni, one of our longtime donors, describe the possibilities that open up as a result of giving generously to Faith Comes By Hearing.

“I’ve known about Faith Comes By Hearing almost since its inception – since it was just a little dusty, one-room place in Albuquerque, and my family and I would come and get the Audio Scriptures in English. That was a big deal for us. They were on cassette tapes, and we were pretty excited about that. We gave it to each other for Christmas presents that year.

“Over the years, Faith Comes By Hearing began to offer other languages. One day, when an Arabic-speaking man came to my neighborhood, I thought maybe I could call Faith Comes By Hearing to see if they have Scriptures in Arabic now, and they did! So I went and got this man Arabic Scriptures and he took them home to his own country – he was very grateful and very gracious about it.

“I don’t know about you, but the Great Commission has gripped my heart since I was a young adult. I’ve always wanted to see God’s Word go out to all the Earth. And as you know, Jesus tells us to go into all the world and make disciples of all the nations. We wanted to get the Word of God out to all of the world, and we saw that Faith Comes By Hearing was doing that, and with their partners – it’s not just them by themselves – we’re all in this together. So, I wanted to give to them and I do see them doing that. They’re getting the Word of God out to the remotest parts of the world – from the jungles to the biggest cosmopolitan cities where dozens of languages are known. Faith Comes By Hearing fulfills that [command].

“And I wonder if you’ve ever wondered the same thing that I’ve wondered: Why has God blessed us so much? Why has He given us extra? I found the answer recently in Psalm 67:6 and 7. It says, ’God, our God, blesses us.’ God blesses us, ‘so that all the ends of the Earth [may] fear him.’ That’s why He’s given us extra. Won’t you join me in supporting Faith Comes By Hearing, getting the Word of God out, and discipling the nations? We’ll never regret it.”

Will you consider coming alongside us today to complete the next recordings and further our mission to share the Word with everyone, everywhere? We will finish this good work with your help. Within your means. Within our lifetime. Contact us for more information or click the “Donate” button below.

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