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God speaks to us in so many ways, but Scripture has to top the list. (Surprise! An Audio Bible ministry promoting the Bible. Who knew?) Whether through reading, listening, or being reminded of verses by the Spirit, we are challenged, changed, and renewed by His Word.

That said, there’s something about hearing the Bible aloud that can reach us on a unique level. New inflections on familiar phrases suddenly catch us off guard and we have to investigate further. The richness of music and sound effects can inspire us to imagine the original scenes more fully. Or perhaps the simple act of listening to it from outside our own headspace, whether from a recording or from a sibling-in-Christ, suddenly seems to give it an additional level of spiritual authority.

Whatever the case, in the experience of allowing the Word to wash over us, we can immerse ourselves in the verse or story and receive what God has for us in a whole new way.

Thousands of examples of this dynamic can be found within the walls of this ministry alone, in the lives of so many faithful believers who have worked for decades getting God’s Word to the world. Le Anne in Customer Service shares one such story that blessed her life:​

It was 1990, and I was a single mother with a mortgage and a teenage son to provide for.

One morning before I went to work, I was looking through the mail. My bank statement came along with a notice that my account was overdrawn. I had neglected to record a large check that was written the previous year and the party had cashed it – four months later.

I was horrified; I had checks outstanding and no idea where I was going to get the money to make everything right. I went in my little bathroom, closed the door, and began to get ready for work. I was full of dread and thought to myself, “I don’t ever want to leave this room.”

I had the Bible playing on my cassette player because I was doing the 40-day plan to listen through the New Testament. Just then, I heard this from John 20:19: On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said to them, “Peace be with you.”

Ok, that just – like the kids used to say – blew my mind!

Here I was, just like the disciples – behind closed doors, dreading the future – and Jesus walks through my locked door (through His Word) and comforts me! What were the odds of that verse playing exactly when I needed it? I received the peace I needed, along with the confidence to face and fix the mistake I had made.

How did I recover from that financial disaster? I don’t remember! But I did recover. What I DO remember, 25 years later, is that when I desperately needed peace and courage, God brought it to me through His spoken Word!

Wow! What a great reminder of God’s provision and perfect timing in our seemingly desperate situations.

Vince in Church Development had his life transformed by the birth of his first child, like so many before and since. But the circumstances leading up to it remain a part of his testimony, as does the portion of Scripture that the Holy Spirit and many others spoke to him during a specific part of the journey:

On August 5, 1992, my first child, Israel, was born. We had spent the last nine months preparing, hoping – dreaming – about this child who would change our lives forever. I looked forward to teaching my firstborn child my love of sports, especially basketball. I couldn’t wait for my Grandpa Max to meet this child and tell him about all the great things God had done for him in his 90 years.

Then, the doctor wanted to talk to us. He said, “There’s something you need to know; your son has Down Syndrome.”

I was shocked and really didn’t even know what Down Syndrome was. I was hurt with the Lord to my core about my son’s disabilities. I felt it was so unfair that God had allowed this to happen to Israel. I turned to the Lord, but I must admit my heart was heavy about the future of my son.

I asked God to please speak to me and I was reminded of Jeremiah 29:11. Miraculously – and, of course, just in time – multiple people shared the same verse with me: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I’m not saying over a course of months or weeks, but within 24 hours, God sent His Word through faithful messengers. I felt such peace as other Christians encouraged me with the same verse the Lord had already brought to my mind.

That word PRESERVED me. Now, it’s been 22 years since little Israel joined our family. He is a precious little man who unconditionally loves everyone he meets. I won’t say these years have been easy – but they have been GRACE-FILLED, thanks to our faithful God who sends His Word to rescue us just when we need it!

God is so good and His purposes stand the test of time. If you are currently in a place of hardship or doubt, please turn to the Bible for hope. He will come through for you just as He did for Le Anne, Vince, and countless others throughout time. His love is boundless and His Word is truth. Be blessed this day!

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