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God’s Word to the World: Listening for Life

So much of what we hear these days is negative – death, destruction, violence, scandal, abuse, hate – that it can be difficult to get our minds, hearts, and spirits deeply focused on all that is good. And, by God’s grace, there really is a great deal of goodness: the love of family and friends; acts of courage and kindness; the beauty of creation; and, the ultimate example, God Himself.

As believers, we’re called to dwell on the positive, but this world makes it hard enough to take our thoughts captive in the individual moments, let alone establish an actual habit of it. Think about how much trickier that must be for those who don’t yet have the hope of heaven.

Here’s the thing: when Christians see a shaft of light piercing the darkness around us, we can identify the One who is ultimately behind it – but those brightly shining cracks can be hard to comprehend without context. To cut the confusion, God gave the Bible – His eternal Word – to humanity as one of the primary means to provide a proper perspective on this life and the next.

God’s Word is the voice of Truth. Absolutely. Emphatically. But what are people who don’t have access to the Bible left to rely on except countless brands of counterfeit faith?

Try interacting with Scripture in a language that you don’t understand well, or even at all, and you’ll recognize the problem. Are the events and commands and promises any less true? Of course not. But all that glorious truth is hidden behind words and phrases that make little or no sense to you.

Now, multiply that slice of reality by hundreds of millions of souls. God wants to reach them all; to let people know He loves them; to give them an opportunity to invite Him to become an integral part of their lives. You can help make that happen.

How, you ask? Well, there are several specific ways:

There is nothing better than blessing Bibleless peoples with access to God’s Word in a language and format they can truly benefit from. Trust us; the last 28 of our 43 years in ministry have been spent doing just that – and we will continue on until the last question in the video above is finally and fully answered.

But, at the same time, the Word of God is meant for everyone, everywhere.

While this world draws distinctions between people based on materialistic measures, God does not. He sees us all in our truest and most basic form – spiritually destitute individuals in desperate need of the love and grace that He provided in Christ.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already received this tremendous blessing. But even believers who have Bibles readily at hand rarely make use of them to the fullest extent possible. Do you? Do any of us (if we’re completely honest)?

What if – in addition to helping those lacking a Bible – we took up the challenge to fight the negativity constantly coming at us; to intently and intentionally seek out life-giving things? Life begets life; if we search for the good, we can create even more. Since the Scriptures are the highest good, wouldn’t they be the best place to start?

To help facilitate Scripture engagement for all, Faith Comes By Hearing offers free Bible resources in more than 900 languages for personal and ministry use. Check out our mobile app, website, podcasts, downloads, or Internet radio and join us, along with millions around the world, in listening for life.

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