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Finding Jesus in a Downpour

Finding Jesus in a Downpour

I am the good shepherd. I know my own, and my own know me.
– John 10:14

Imagine living on an island with 22 million people! That’s Madagascar, where 90% of the people live on less than $2 a day. God’s Word in audio has given hope to nearly a million Malagasy – including 14-year-old Hery.

Hery spent his days tending cattle from his village. He never learned to read and had never been to church because his parents threatened to disown him if he went. He had heard about Jesus, but Hery thought He must be a character in a movie played by some big star.

One rainy afternoon, Hery ducked into a small building to seek cover from a heavy downpour. Once inside, he realized he was at the local church. There was a group of people there listening to something that looked like a radio. He heard a story about how Jesus drove evil spirits out of a man and into a herd of pigs. Thinking the man in the story might be Jesus the actor, he wanted to know more.

Hery stayed and talked to the leader of the group. ”Do you listen to these stories while you are in church on Sundays?” he asked. The leader said yes and explained that they listened and even learned principles from the stories.

Hery couldn’t believe that. “That’s crazy! How can you learn things from someone you have never seen or known?”

The leader answered, ”I know Jesus and I talk with Him every day? Don’t you?

Hery was startled, but intrigued at the same time. “No, but I would like to see Jesus and talk with Him! I don’t know how, when, or where though.”

The listening group leader realized that Hery was not joking, so he explained what it is like to meet with and talk to Jesus. That day, Hery decided to follow Jesus and he asked to be baptized on December 25th, Jesus’ birthday.

Though he still struggles in the relationship with his parents, Hery’s relationship with Jesus is secure because he knows Jesus – and Jesus knows him. He is growing stronger every day as he listens to God’s Word in his heart language.

We are thankful for churches like Legacy Church (Albuquerque, NM), Christ Community Church (Canoga Park, CA), Triumph Church (Detroit, MI), Southwest Baptist Church (Fort Myers, FL), St. Paul Lutheran Church (Webster City, IA), and many others for partnering with Faith Comes By Hearing to provide God’s Word in audio, which is changing lives like Hery’s in Madagascar and around the world.

Image: Dozens of believers gather outside a church in Madagascar to receive Malagasy Proclaimers.

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