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Connecting with God

Connecting with God

In this era of social media, we’re connected like never before. Old acquaintances from every level of school and from each former job or church send a near-constant barrage of electronic invites to re-friend them online. The concept of seasonal friendships has all but died out – now we’re (absurdly) expected to maintain some type of relationship with almost everyone we’ve ever met. But how “connected” are we really?

The Nature of Media

The thing we need to remember about social media is that it is truly media by nature: mass communication of carefully selected, extensively edited, and relatively biased content. Now the substance of social media is often personal (aside from all those random cute pet videos and memes), but we can’t equate “personal” with “transparent.”

I mean, how many times have you come across a post announcing some difficult or tragic set of events and thought to yourself, “Wow, they must have been dealing with this for months! I had no idea.” Carefully crafted posts and pictures tend to show only the best of our lives . . . until there are no ways left to hide the worst.

Ironically, those difficult times are what truly connect us to each other and, if we’re open, to God.

The Nature of Relationships

Real relationships are reciprocal, interactive – and messy. They include the ups and downs of life and bind us together through mutual experience and support. Those we spend actual time with share our issues and we share theirs, hopefully in ways that help us all grow as people.

When our knowledge of each other goes beyond the outward “what we do” things and starts to include the inward “who we are” things, true connection takes place. This is the level of connection we were specifically and intentionally designed for – which is why social media can often feel unsatisfying and empty.

The thing is, the One who designed us to need and desire satisfying relationships is the One who most wants to provide us with that degree of deep connection.

God’s End of the Equation

Given that God is God, He already knows every aspect of who we are. Every aspect. He sees everything – whether actions, intentions, or just thoughts – and chooses to love us anyway. So . . . one half of the relationship equation: Check! Now, wouldn’t it be great if we could get to know Him even remotely as well (at least to the greatest degree that finite beings can know the Infinite)?

Thankfully, God provided His Word for this very purpose: so we could know Him for who He is. The Creator; the Redeemer; the Eternal Almighty. The Lion of Judah; the Passover Lamb; the Friend to the brokenhearted. The Bible shows God in all His Supreme Glory and mankind in all its chronic, perpetual need.

But it also shows how that tremendous need was met – through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The One who was The Word (John 1:1–5) before donning flesh (John 1:14) came as both God and man in order to make God known (John 1:18) and allow men to become children of God (John 1:12–13).

Our End of the Equation

The point is, the more we interact with the Bible, the closer we can become in our relationship to God. But we have to make the effort!

So many things in our world – including social media – compete tirelessly for our time and attention. Some of them are even really good things. But if we get too caught up in the many good things to make room for the few great things, we’ll miss out on some truly important, life-altering stuff.

Since Bible reading can easily get lost in the shuffle of our overly busy lives, Audio Bibles can help with our end of the Divine relationship equation. Whether via Internet, app, podcast, or download, connecting with God through His Word has never been easier. Try it today and let us know the results!

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