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All About the End Goal

All About the End Goal

Our longtime partners Jim and Holly kindly sat in for an interview to talk about what it means to collaborate under a single cause of getting God’s Word to people all over the world. We hope their story inspires and encourages you!

“We first heard about Faith Comes By Hearing from our sons. They were working in a commercial real estate office in Houston, and Morgan came to talk about Faith Comes By Hearing on several occasions. Their office got involved in funding multiple recordings of the New Testament. They were obviously very excited about this ministry. ‘Dad, Mom, you need to come and hear Morgan,’ they said. ‘You need to learn more about Faith Comes By Hearing!’

“Being able to provide recordings in the heart languages of people that have really never heard the Bible—that was really captivating to us. But one of the big steps that took us to the next level of support was attending a Faith Comes By Hearing conference in 2017 in Albuquerque. We remember sitting next to Morgan at breakfast one morning, and we said, ‘Hey Morgan, how does a person learn more about Faith Comes By Hearing? Can we go on a trip with you sometime and see it first-hand?’ He looked at us and said, ‘Yes!’ Later in the meeting, we had an opportunity to learn about a vision trip to the Philippines planned for February 2018, and we were able to go with some members of the board on that trip. That was a big step for us, because we saw things first-hand that we’d been hearing about for years. Being able to go to there and see each facet of the ministry… We felt like we became ambassadors for Faith Comes By Hearing during that trip. Now it’s one of the core ministries that we support, and we’re anxious to tell others about it.

“One of the things that really attracts us to Faith Comes By Hearing is the partnerships. The way that the ministry works with so many others, and is not intent on taking credit, but just wants to do whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. When we think about 2033, we think about all these organizations coming together and humbly saying ‘Let’s get this job done together.’ That really appeals to us because we’re all about the end goal.

“It’s so important that people hear the Bible in their heart language. Seeing everyone working together to accomplish that goal—that everyone can hear God’s Word and have the opportunity to come to know Christ personally—is so important, and it’s so exciting that we can be a part of that!”

Our thanks to Jim and Holly—and each of you reading this—for your faithful partnership!

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