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  • API Key - a character string assigned to an application that will be accessing the API. This is also sometimes referred to as a developer key or application key. The API Key must not be shared
  • API version - a specific release of the API. The current release version is 4.0. Earlier versions are also supported during a transition period. 
  • audio timing - see verse timing
  • Bible - the formal work recognized as a Bible, defined by a specific collection of books. Different variations can exist and constitute different Bibles.
  • Bible Brain - the common market name of the Digital Bible Platform
  • bibleid - a six character string used to identify a Bible, in the format LLLVVV, where LLL is the language code (usually ISO-639-3) and VVV is the version code. The bibleid is usually the first six characters of the filesetid.
  • book - the recognized formal writing that is complete in itself and known commonly as a Bible book. It tells a complete story as presented.
  • book id - the unique code by which a book is identified. The DBP uses USFM book identifiers
  • chapter - a component of a book
  • collection - a recognized set of books. The most common of these are the Old Testament and the New Testament. 
  • collection code - the unique code by which a collection is identified. The DBP uses the OSIS codes for this to leverage standards. 
  • DAM ID - the DBP2 term which is functionally equivalent to the DBP4 FilesetId
  • FilesetId - the primary identifier for content in DBP4, in the format LLLVVV[CDMM-xxxxx]. For more information, refer to the Core Concepts.
  • ISO 639 Language Code - the ISO standard of language identification used by DBP for interoperability.
  • karaoke style - a synchronized presentation of both text and audio. DBP enables karaoke-style presentation for any Bible which has audio verse timings.
  • language code - the unique id by which a language is identified.
  • adaptive-bitrate streaming - an optimization of basic streaming which offers different media chunks for different network conditions. In this way, the reader can monitor network quality and select a smaller/lower bitrate chunk if the quality degrades
  • organization - an organization associated with the DBP. Many times this is in the form of a Bible society that is curator of one or more Bibles – a content provider.
  • Postman - a tool used to interact with the API. Postman Collections can be configured with your API key and used for experimentation
  • story - a story from the Bible, not necessarily based on a rigorous translation process.
  • streaming - a delivery method for audio and video which chunks the media to allow for incremental delivery and (if supported) adjustment of bitrate quality based on network conditions
  • USFM - Unified Standard Format Markers. A standard for formatting Bible text using format tags that are embedded in the Bible text.
  • USX - Unified Standard XML. Was developed as a modern variant of USFM, which uses the identical format codes, except the format codes are embedded in XML in a style attribute
  • verse - the smallest component of a chapter that has an identifier
  • verse timing - time offsets which indicate when a verse starts during the audio playback
  • version - denotes a grouping of volumes for various reasons, including some based upon formal Bible versions, and some upon the translator of the bible.
  • version code - the unique id by which a version is identified
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