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Developer Documentation

Everything you need to know when working with the Digital Bible Platform API

Note: The Bible Brain (aka Digital Bible Platform (DBP) version 4) is a major update to DBP version 2. Many of the Bible-related terms are unchanged, but you will notice that FilesetId replaces DAMID as the primary identifier of content. This is because we have dramatically expanded both the types of content that is available, and the formats available to consume that content in. 

Whether you have used an earlier version of DBP or not, start with the “Core Concepts”. This section explains what you need to know to successfully navigate the API.

The “Available Content” section provides an interactive view into the content you can present to your users. Select a language or country and see which Bibles are available. Further restrict your search if you have a specific format (text, audio or video) in mind.

New in DBP4 is the use of Postman to provide still more interactivity, this time with the production API itself. Use the API Reference to refresh your memory on the endpoints available to you. Click on the User Flows tab to see examples of how to use the API to present data to your user community. 

Finally, the Glossary contains definitions of the most frequently used terms.

New Content being added

Bible Brain offers more content (than was in DBP2), in more formats, and we are adding dozens of languages each month. Check back regularly on the Available Content page, or contact us. Examples of content you can expect to see are:

Audio Recordings of new and old Bible versions: FCBH and partners are actively producing audio Bibles in the languages of the world, using both text-first (and then record) and voice-first (Oral Bible Translation (OBT)) translation paradigms.

Gospel Films: As audio recordings or new OBT content becomes available, the audio is joined with the Gospel Film video to produce a compelling visual representation of Gospel stories, with exact word-for-word accuracy.

Bible Texts: Bible brain offers text of many Bibles in both plain-text (no formatting, like DBP2) and formatted (in HTML/CSS) formats.

Low Bitrates and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Audio which was previously only available as a 64kbps mp3 file is being transcoded into additional formats, including low-bitrate Opus and AAC, available as individual files or HLS streams.

Audio Timing: As of January 2022, biblebrain provides the exact start time of each verse in 231 distinct bibleIds, and we are actively working to increase that count.

If you are interested in content that is not currently available through the API, or have content you would like to make available (either fully available to all, or via a restricted API key) please contact us.

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