A Beautiful Portrayal of the Gospels

Since partnering with the LUMO Project, Faith Comes By Hearing has adapted their feature-length, professional-quality films of the Gospels into hundreds of languages. Created using extensive theological, historical, and archaeological research, these films use the actual Gospel texts as their scripts—word-for-word. Now people worldwide can experience Jesus' ministry in a whole new light.


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Internationally, 2020 brought about heavy lockdowns, uncertainty, and darkness. But God's work never stopped. Gospel Films went online and were shared and discussed on social media platforms across the planet:



"Every day, I share some video passages of the Gospel of Mark on social media. In this time of quarantine, we can gather and unite as a family to see, hear, reflect on, and pray around the Word of God, asking God to intervene in these painful moments that the world is experiencing right now. You can share these daily Bible videos with your contacts. May the Lord bless you!"


While people battled fear and loneliness, God's Word through Gospel Films anchored them and gave them hope.


South Asia

"As a nurse, I was assigned to work in the coronavirus patients' ward, and I was afraid. The Gospel Films reminded me about Jesus and His sacrifice for mankind, which deeply encouraged me. I started to share about Jesus, the great Healer, with my patients in the coronavirus ward."


We praise God that COVID has receded in some parts of the world, and together with you, we pray that He continues to provide hope through His Word to those still suffering. Rejoice with us over these recent testimonies of Gospel Films' power from all over the world:



"I think videos are one of the best ways to learn because they keep people's attention so well. The Gospel Films were very inspiring to me, and I believe they are perfect for any age group. Each clip featured a detailed Bible story in my language. I found every watching group session to be insightful and interesting, and I learned a lot. The movie beautifully portrayed the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and captivated all who watched. My family and I are greatly blessed. I appreciate all the hard work on Gospel Films and would love to see more in the future. Thank you so much!"



From a pastor: "A man in our town was a heavy drinker, and his marriage was collapsing. We visited him and his wife several times to show them Gospel Films, and I copied the clips I had downloaded to their phone. This couple continued to watch the films. Upon reaching the book of Mark, the husband was impressed by the courage of John the Baptizer, who was beheaded for preaching the Gospel. He recognized and renounced the sin that was destroying his life. Hearing this confession, his wife also accepted the Lord. After several weeks of our visits and watching the other Gospels, they decided to join the church. My wife and I are now meeting regularly with them for discipleship. Today, we testify that they are blessed and thriving in their newfound faith in Christ."



"We are thankful to God that within 16 days, we have completed one Gospel Film and received many insights from our viewers. People have been able to understand the deeper meaning of what the Bible says. They need the Lord, and during this pandemic, we are seeing many people turn to God's Word. Only the Scriptures can satisfy us and deliver us from our stress, doubt, and unbelief. God's Word has power!"

South Asia


A man told us, "The film was remarkable—crisp narration, excellent cinematography, soothing and well-mixed sound. Each of us could understand the narration so well that there was no need for subtitles. I felt goosebumps during several scenes. The overall experience unveiled the truths of the Word to the audience as well as my family."


His 14-year-old daughter stated: "I have read Mark's Gospel more than once. Every time, it spoke to me differently. However, my mind wanders while I read. Viewing a film is much different from reading, and I love watching movies. I get excited when my father chooses a film to watch as a family. Sometimes we cannot understand everything that characters say, so we prefer subtitles. But we didn't need subtitles while watching the Gospel Film; the narration was clear and straight from the Scriptures. Every verse came alive to me. I understand and remember each story. I thought the picture and sound quality are excellent. I loved the overall experience. Hopefully, once this pandemic is over, I can invite my friends to view the film too."


Our local partner summed it up: "Visual media is an effective communication tool. Today's generation, wherever they live, is more attracted to live-streaming and podcasts than ever before—it is high time that we cater to their needs and reach out to them creatively. Many organizations such as Faith Comes By Hearing have been able to achieve just that and have provided people with the Gospel in accessible formats." 



"A big THANK YOU to Faith Comes By Hearing for making the Gospel Film of Mark available in the Lebet* language. The film and adaptation are so well done. When the Lebet people watch the film, it comes across so vivid and natural, like real life. It doesn't just sound like someone reading the Bible; it brings Jesus and the people in the Bible to life and draws viewers into the story. Now we want to start posting clips on social media along with a few questions for reflection and response as a way to foster discipleship and engagement with God's Word. THANKS AGAIN for making this possible!"


As part of our Vision 2033 goals, Faith Comes By Hearing has committed to creating at least one Gospel Film in every recorded language so that people everywhere will have the opportunity to hear and see the Gospel. We believe that these films will be instrumental in revealing Gospel truth to the nations. Through Gospel Films, Scripture comes alive for people young and old who have never before heard God speak their language.


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