3 Ways to Engage Gospel Films

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Seeing God's Word come to life is incredibly reassuring. Even when the chaotic storms of life are swirling around us and each tomorrow is filled with uncertainty, the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, shines through the darkness to lead our way using His unchanging Word of truth. Through Faith Comes By Hearing Gospel Films, word-for-word adaptations of the Gospel accounts of Jesus' earthly life and ministry, you can experience the Bible in a brand-new way. Here are three helpful ways that you, your family, and your community can engage Gospel Films together:

Watch a Gospel Film for personal Bible study.

Because the Gospel Films use only the text of God's Word as their script, they make perfect tools to help you study the Bible. Gospel Films immerse you in the time and location that Jesus' ministry took place, offering you an unprecedented view into first-century Palestine as you drink in the Scriptures.

Plan a family night.

Every Gospel Film was painstakingly created to present the viewer with a high-quality, easy-to-understand portrayal of God's Word. Hannah Leader, LUMO film producer, is also a children's Sunday School teacher. Her vision for these films originated in her desire to show children of all backgrounds and languages a historically accurate depiction of Jesus Christ—His life, ministry, death, and resurrection. This makes Gospel Films perfect for sharing and studying the Bible with your family in a familiar format.

Share it with your small group.

We at Faith Comes By Hearing are huge proponents of a multifaceted approach to studying God's Word. A great method to absorb the teachings of Christ is to first read the passage together, listen to it on Bible.is, and finally watch it via Gospel Films. Your small group discussion will be greatly enriched after experiencing the Bible through multiple senses.


We hope these helpful tips for engaging Gospel Films encourage you, no matter what you are going through. May the Lord bless you as you study His Word.


Common questions:

What are Gospel Films? In partnership with the LUMO Project, Faith Comes By Hearing provides Gospel Films, a multi-language biblical film resource that helps you engage with the life of Jesus through the four Gospel accounts. These full-length feature films about the life of Jesus use the actual Gospel texts as their scripts—word-for-word. Created by LUMO using extensive theological, historical, and archaeological research, each film has been adapted with Faith Comes By Hearing's audio Scripture in the languages of the world.


Where can I find Gospel Films? The Bible.is website streams all available Gospel Films for online viewing.