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Fulfilling the Great Commission in Partnership

A Bible teacher outlines a lesson through Promise Child Ministries, one of Faith Comes By Hearing's 700+ partnerships.

How exciting it is to think that in a little over a decade, everyone could hear God’s Word in their language! Such a global endeavor requires teamwork. On the road to achieving Vision 2033—recording and freely providing God’s Word in every language that needs it by 2033—we journey with more than 700 partners worldwide. United with Bible translators, like-minded ministries, church planters, missionaries, and pastors, we build cooperation to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

But partnership isn’t always about getting a job done faster. The best partnership is an outcome of unity. We don’t just link arms to fast-track the Great Commission. We work together in the Body of Christ because a world in constant turmoil needs an example of humble relationship. As God’s chosen vehicle, His people are called to carry the Gospel to every nation, tribe, and tongue. Collaborating Christians bring a variety of strengths instilled by their Creator and demonstrate the harmony in God Himself: Father, Son, and Spirit.

These strengths combine in powerful ways. For example, Faith Comes By Hearing joins their 50 years of Scripture-recording experience with that of faith-based translation organizations worldwide, using their texts as scripts for Audio Bible production. We also employ these same texts as references in Oral Bible Translation (OBT) for languages with no written form. Joined with trained local partners, OBT incorporates a process called internalization. Techniques such as acting out the text, using hand motions, or associating portions of the passage with physical objects help the translators deeply comprehend God's Word and make it a part of themselves. This partnership and hard work results in immediate and well-received community access to God’s Word through a natural-sounding recording.

Rather than duplicate the efforts of partners who share the Gospel or teach believers, we focus on equipping boots-on-the-ground ministries. Missionaries, pastors, and church planters utilize Faith Comes By Hearing’s Audio Bibles, Gospel Films, and Bible Apps for Scripture engagement. The audible Word of God is shared, lives are changed, and faith is anchored in Scripture. In turn, these partners help us identify people groups who still need the Bible in their heart language.

All these pairings of resources are facilitated through relationship. The powerful result: People receive God’s Word in a language and format they can understand and use.

As we co-labor, each in our strengths, two important outcomes of Vision 2033 are served. One: the Word of God is clearly recorded for those yet to hear it. Two: Audio Bibles are freely provided for all. Testimonies of Bible-listening impact pour in from around the world. Pastors and church planters speak of revival as they share God’s audible Word. Individual life transformation spreads to families, friends, and entire villages.

We give credit where credit is due, praising God for His work through this collaboration and sharing with our partners how foundational their faithful labors are to advancing the kingdom of God.

Another impactful outcome is deeper connection to the Great Commission. Barna Group together with Seed Company conducted a revealing study a few years ago. They discovered Christians in all movements and denominations hold wide and varied definitions of the Great Commission. Many can’t tie the concept to Scripture or speak to their own personal application. In partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, friends of the ministry are exposed to a practical demonstration of missional living. Precious and praying givers enable recordings of Scripture and Audio Bible programs all over the world. Each one joins in celebration of lives changed as these tools connect more people with God’s Word.

The Bible teaches those who plow in hope together share in the harvest (1 Corinthians 9:10). When we labor together, everyone increases in faith. What’s more, God takes what we bring and weaves it into something far greater than the sum of its parts: a practical application of the unity and love in Him. In partnership, we inspire and challenge a divided world, displaying the healing love of Christ as we embrace and mobilize the Great Commission in partnership.

Christ’s mandate—to go and make disciples of every nation—was proclaimed to a gathering of His followers. What He entrusted can only be achieved by committed co-laborers bringing repeated exposure to God’s Word. In the work of filling the earth with the knowledge of God’s glory, we know we are better together. Will you partner with us so that the world may know?


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