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Teamwork in Audio Bible Ministry


Little things mean a lot.

When I was a kid, my brother and I would set up dominos in intricate patterns that wound across the hard floors of our house. Patiently and precisely, brick by brick, we created twisting masterpieces in anticipation of that rewarding, fluttering, clattering fall after tipping the very first brick. Many times, this childhood memory has served to show me an example of how big things are accomplished. Making the Word of God accessible and completing the Great Commission are no exception.  

Faith Comes By Hearing is motivated by the Great Commission. Like those dominos, making God’s Word globally accessible is a process of one brick after another falling carefully into place. Some of the very first steps in our process—writing emails about translation copyrights, drafting agreements and waiting for approvals, setting up stock numbers and obtaining text and audio files—begin the brick-laying. We enjoy a lot of trust with our partners; trust built with thoughtful communication, being culturally sensitive as we connect across continents and time zones, respecting the hard and sometimes dangerous work of Bible translation. We face the challenges of technology as we correspond with areas where internet connectivity is limited. We wait patiently, answering questions about parameters and platforms, all to protect and preserve project integrity and future applications of the finished product. Through this effort, many small bricks fall into place, one after another. These details may seem inconsequential, but without them, the momentum falters, and people may not receive the Scriptures as quickly as they hoped.

Zechariah chapter 4 reminds us that it is not by might nor by power, but by the Spirit of God that great mountains are brought low. In our case, mountains may represent the difficulty in reaching an isolated people group to record God’s Word in their heart language, or the complex orchestration of copyright ownership, or the complicated process of getting Scripture into the hands and ears of the people in a format they can use.

How are those mountains brought low? The chapter goes on to say that the day of small beginnings is reason to rejoice. Scripture is full of examples like this—of the power of small things placed in the Master’s skillful hand.

Behind the dominos of the work at Faith Comes By Hearing are people who often make small but very important contributions. Imagine what can be accomplished with the part you play:

What a few minutes of prayer each day could do.

What a difference your donation might make.

What an impact your sharing of an Audio Bible would create in the life of your neighbor.

The opportunity you have to participate IS the difference. When you take it, you become a force that tips a brick, leading to a masterpiece of domino momentum.

Come build with us. Put your domino in place with all the others and experience that rewarding cascade of little things that mean a lot.