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By Morgan Jackson, Senior Vice President Welcome!

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find it both inspiring and easy to use.

I want to take a few minutes to explain a bit more about what we mean when we say God’s Word everywhere for everyone.

For those of us who read or listen to the Bible on a regular basis, we know the incredible (supernatural) power it has to bring comfort, hope, peace, or (when needed) conviction in areas of life where we need to change.

Naturally, we want to share this with everyone we can.

The challenge is that so many people in our world don’t know how to read, can’t afford to buy a Bible, or simply live in cultures where reading is just not thought of as a way to learn or communicate. They are oral cultures, where important instruction and information is given through verbal means – not through reading.

In order for these people to understand Scripture, they need to hear it (or see it).

Faith Comes By Hearing has been using Bible recordings since the early 1970s – and today we have recorded Scripture available in an amazing 850+ languages, with more being added every month.

We make these recordings available free of charge to as many people as possible. We are always looking for new ways to do this, and some current ways include Internet radio, satellite TV, apps, small digital players (called BibleSticks), iTunes, and a device called the Proclaimer – which is a completely self-contained (and solar powered) playback unit that we load with Scripture in one or more languages and send all over the world to people who can’t read or don’t own a Bible.

We believe that this is the very best gift that we can offer people. Not only does the Bible meet a person’s all-important spiritual needs, but it also teaches us how to live in the here and now. As people apply Scripture to their situation, they are set free from alcoholism and other addictions, cycles of abuse are broken, some are lifted out of poverty, and they are given hope. Hope for a better future. If not in this life, then certainly in the life to come.

Why? Because the Bible is true and its words are timeless.

So, how do we do this – record the Bible and take it all over the world?

Good question. We are a donor-based ministry. We depend on the generosity of others to help us make audio and sign language Bibles available to people who need them.

And we’d love your help. If you’ve been blessed by the app or one of our other resources, why not help us share those blessings by going to our donation page and giving as much as you feel led to? You can also check out these videos, which highlight several of our most pressing needs.

Image: Morgan and his wife Mary meet an amazing widow in Southeast Asia who has brought more than 5,000 people to the Lord at her roadside stand with her testimony and the Mini Proclaimer she is holding.

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