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Bible Blog Prayer Prayer January 2015: Worldwide

Prayer January 2015: Worldwide

Prayer January 2015: Worldwide

Christian Leaders:
Please pray that leaders in the Body of Christ – local, national, and international – will come to understand the incredible power of mother-tongue Scripture recordings for evangelism and discipleship and ultimately endorse the widespread use of these recordings in their respective ministries and beyond.

FCBH Field Coordinators:
Please continue to pray for all of our coordinators as they are continually faced with sickness, spiritual opposition, and other physical hardships; and often separated from their families for extended periods of time; for strength, encouragement, and protection as they move forward.

Recordings & Teams (Field and Virtual):
Please continue to pray for recordings going on around the world (18 field recordings and 17 virtual recordings, plus 10 others in various planning stages); for the health and stamina of the recording teams, readers, and proofreaders, especially those in hostile countries; for details to go smoothly between recording team members, participants, and local leaders.

Thank you for your prayers! As we start the New Year, we continue to covet your prayers for favor as shipments are cleared from customs and received by our partners; some of them are en route to partners in South Asia.

Please continue to pray for new partnerships being started and for ongoing partnerships; for wisdom in selecting the most efficient and effective recording method; for efficient and effective means of starting listening groups, especially in areas where it is difficult to have a physical presence or where other such oppositions are present; that we find the right participants; that the recordings will have a great impact upon the people as they hear the first available Audio Scriptures in their dialects.

Posted: 1/22/2015

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