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No Boundaries

By Troy Carl, Vice President No Boundaries

There’s something special that happens when you’ve made yourself available to the Holy Spirit so that He can position you to do something for His Kingdom that has eternal results.

In my time here I’ve heard Jerry Jackson, our president and founder, tell the story many times of how he heard from God while on a trip to India. He asked God about the boundaries for the ministry: Lord, tell me what the boundaries are. I’ll go right up to the edge and I won’t go beyond them. I want to fulfill Your will, but I need You to tell me, what are the boundaries?

And what was it the Lord told Jerry? The Holy Spirit replied to him: There are no boundaries!

I bet some of you, like most of us in the Christian world, think that when someone gets a vision or calling from God we’d say, “That’s nice. I can agree with that.”

But if God said, “There are no boundaries,” what does that mean to you?

Up There?

I thought I had a concept of what that means, but then the Lord brought me something that seemed crazy – I want you to take it up there.

What? Where? Outer space? Really?!?

I could just hear someone say, “Oh bless your heart! That’s a nice idea Troy. Good luck to you.”

You see, when God says no boundaries, I believe He means NO boundaries. There’s only one boundary that all of us will ever face in our walk with God and that is the boundary of our ability to believe! It’s what you believe that matters. Isn’t that what the Lord Jesus taught us?

If you believe you can speak to that mountain and do not doubt in your heart, then you can say, “Be cast in the sea,” and it will obey you!

For example: Have you been to China to see how much land they are creating? They are building cities in the middle of the ocean. They figure not enough land? No problem. First they get massive machinery, dump trucks, and dynamite. Then they gather massive amounts of workers and money, and literally create land!

I’m telling you the truth: If God told us to move the Sandia Mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico into the Pacific Ocean – even if we didn’t have a miracle – we could still do it. With enough money, enough people, enough dynamite, and enough time, we could blow that mountain into pieces, put it into semi-trucks, and transport it on the Interstate freeway system all the way to the ocean near San Diego.

Eventually the mountainous area overlooking Albuquerque would be flat. And yet when it comes to doing the seemingly impossible for God’s Kingdom, we simply don’t believe it can be done…or we don’t push ourselves to find a way to get it done!

What has God said to us at Faith Comes By Hearing?

Number one, He said – No boundaries.

Number two, after we created the Digital Bible Platform, He said – I want you to take it up there.

Now when God revealed that to me, I remember thinking WHAT?!? How do we do that Lord?

Well, we weren’t sure how but we knew someone did. So let’s go find that person, share the vision, and trust that God will confirm it by bringing the people and the resources to accomplish it.

The Scripture tells us: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14). The time is coming…and I believe that time is now.

We began researching what it would take to get the Bible up there. What does that even mean?

Grasping the Possibilities

Today, I’m here to tell you that we’re just beginning to grasp the possibilities – including the use of microsatellite technology. It could be as simple as making it possible for a person with a mobile device, a smart phone, or even a feature phone with an SD card to push a button and receive God’s Word.

How? Any electronic device, with a unique identifier, that doesn’t have Internet access can be alerted and the device’s owner only has to respond. When they touch that button, a satellite network communicates with a ground network – maybe the phone system, or some other public Internet system. Whatever it is, the next time that satellite flies by it knows you want to access the Bible in your language and . . . vroomf! it drops the file directly to your device.

That’s not pie in the sky. We can and will do it soon!

Someone might argue, “But satellites cost hundreds of millions of dollars.” Sure, the big ones started out costing that much; but then they got cheaper because people got smarter. Now microsatellites are just a few hundred thousand dollars.

You may not know this, but Google bought Skybox. So, why would they buy a small satellite company? Because they’re going to build their own Internet access system along with companies like Facebook, SpaceX, Planet Labs, and a slew of others racing to the stars.

It’s an exciting time because taking content to space and delivering it to private networks is not only possible, it’s becoming commercialized. So what, you might say. Commercialized means more and more competition, which means costs are driven down and not only large corporations will be able to afford the technology.

The Bible says in Revelation: “Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven…” (“midheaven” is used in another version). That term literally means space, not a spiritual heaven. It’s talking about the Zenith. This Scripture is literally talking about outer space.

In the midst of heaven, having what? An eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.

Could it be that we can actually cover the earth with a network of microsatellites that would allow us to directly integrate into the Digital Bible Platform? We think it is and we’ll be able to make the Word of God available to anyone, anywhere, at any time!

Remember – there are no boundaries – just the ones that limit us in believing what is possible.

Beyond the Unbelievable

Recently, we moved beyond the unbelievable. The ministry hired Lt. Col. (ret) Gregg Leisman to establish an aerospace division and form the FCBH Aerospace Advisory Council, taking yet another step down the path to creating this unprecedented Bible distribution system.

The group of volunteers that comprises the Council includes incredibly gifted leaders such as:

  • Brigadier General (ret) David Warner, who served as Director of Communications for all Air Force space and cyber assets
  • Col. (ret) Tom Adang, who serves as the Senior Technical Advisor to the DoD’s Operational Space Office
  • Col. (ret) Jim Dutton, who piloted the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-131 to the International Space Station
  • Col. (ret) Rob Walker, former Chief of the Operationally Responsive Space Division, Headquarters Air Force Space Command
  • Lt. Col. (ret) Dan Jones, whose last assignment was as the Air Force Southern Command’s Director of Space Forces
  • Dr. Peter Wegner, the former director of the Operationally Responsive Space Office at Kirtland Air Force Base who currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Spaceflight Industries

They’re all national leaders in either space industry or telecommunications, and they have a passion to enable ministries to leverage today’s technology to get God’s Word to every person. Together this team will seek to utilize aerospace delivery systems and technologies similar to user-defined radio software, virtual SIM applications, and spread-spectrum radio technologies, just to name a few commonly used methods.

These are only the first steps to getting God’s Word to everyone on earth. It’s hard to imagine, but for the first time in human history technology is making the fulfillment of the Great Commission actually possible.

We are incredibly hopeful because of the God-given talents of this council and the grace God has given us to believe that there truly are no boundaries!

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