Responding in Thanks


In the eyes of her husband’s family, friends, and neighbors, Aijan was a very sweet wife, a warm and loving mother, and a dutiful daughter-in-law. However, in their private times, Aijan would often complain to her husband about her dreary, menial life. As time passed, her husband withdrew and became calloused towards her.

In desperation, Aijan started listening to an Audio Bible, and God began to reveal the truth. She shared that through God’s Word, she came to understand why her husband’s view of her was different from other people’s and why he had become so abrasive towards her. In the public eye, Aijan would put on her best performance so that others would see her good deeds and think highly of her. However, her husband only saw her contemptuous and prideful heart.

Seeking forgiveness, Aijan confessed her prideful sin to God and her husband. Now, Aijan regularly attends a Bible listening group. Her husband has witnessed Aijan’s transformation, and their marriage has been restored. Instead of grumbling, Aijan has embraced a new attitude of humility and thankfulness. Her husband supports her efforts to serve in the church ministry, even allowing her to close their family business early to prepare for church. Aijan is extremely grateful for the Audio Bible and continues to seek God’s will for her life and marriage.

* * *

What a beautiful story of God’s provision and redemption leading to thankfulness in this woman’s heart! And the only way that she was able to respond to His goodness was through hearing God’s Word in her heart language. Friend, we know that you desire to fulfill Jesus’ prediction in Matthew 24:14 that the “Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” In order for every tribe, tongue, and nation to have a chance to hear and respond in grateful praise to that Gospel of the Kingdom, they need to hear it in their heart language. Please consider giving God’s Word to more language groups who need to hear it so that they can receive His bountiful provision and respond in thanks, just like Aijan. Let’s work together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world.