All Benjamin really wanted to do was please God.


He was no radical. But after being thrown into prison—guilty by association—he fell in with insurgents from neighboring countries, and his thoughts turned violent.


After release, Benjamin stepped through the doors of a local cult who felt it was their duty to destroy Christianity. They sought out Christians to taunt, mock, and—if the opportunity presented itself—physically assault. Believing that it would be a high honor to actually kill a Christian, Benjamin prayed for the chance.


At last, the chance came. Benjamin met a man on the bus who divulged that he was a Christ-follower.


Under the din around them in the cramped vehicle, Benjamin murmured, "You know, you may be killed for telling me that."


The man's reply shocked him: "Would you like to have tea with me at my home?"


Baffled, Benjamin accepted. He went to the man's house and had tea with him, finally warning him again that he would be killed for following Christ. However, at the end of the seemingly fruitless discussion, the man gave Benjamin a Proclaimer and encouraged him to listen to it.


When he got home, Benjamin began to listen. Then he listened some more. The words touched his heart and dispelled the darkness. His heart and mind burned to find out more. He decided that he needed to find the man who had given him such a gift.


It took some time for Benjamin to locate him, but when he finally did, the two talked all night—Benjamin asking the deepest, most difficult questions he encountered after hearing God's Word, and the man patiently answering. By morning, Benjamin was convinced Jesus truly was the Savior of the world and that He had died for his sins.


Upon hearing of his conversion, his old friends were infuriated. They threatened him and beat him so severely that he suffered a broken rib. However, like the apostle Paul, Benjamin has turned from one willing to kill Christians to one willing to die for being a Christian. He said, "Even if they kill me, I continue to testify to them that Jesus is the Savior; God Himself revealed this to me and not to them, yet. I pray for their salvation."


Benjamin turned to Christ after hearing the Word of God in his heart language. Where he once was blind and lost, now he lives in the light and can see the path of life.


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