Encouragement from the Wreckage


In April of 2015, I had plans to board a plane for a three-week trip through Asia when I started hearing the reports of an earthquake in Nepal. They really caught my attention, as I was scheduled to be there five days later after a brief stop in Thailand. Quickly, my mind went to the Nepali people and our relationships with many Kathmandu-based ministry organizations. My heart was drawn to them, and I wanted to continue my plans to go to Nepal and help out wherever possible.

Of course, those plans were changed, and I never made it. We heard soon after that the devastating 7.8 to 8.1-magnitude earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit the region since 1934, killing nearly 9,000 people and injuring nearly 22,000.

One of our recording teams was working on a project in Kathmandu when the earthquake hit. They had this to say about their experiences during the aftermath:

"We were stuck under a roof during worship service. The roof fell on all who attended. My teammate is experiencing back pain and my left ankle hurts, but we are not able to consult any doctor due to lack of doctors and medical facilities.
"So many times, it felt like we were floating and the earth was shaking. People are staying in open spaces. There is fear for all. At any time, anything may happen. The government has declared a national emergency, and most foreigners are in the process of leaving. The Nepalese people have already started to face difficulties fulfilling their basic needs such as power, water, cooking gas, etc."

Despite the terror and pain, God used one of the undamaged Proclaimers sent by donors to miraculously encourage a community of Newari people following the earthquake:

"A house belonging to one of the speakers collapsed in the earthquake. Afterwards, while he and his family were removing the wood, bricks, and other rubble to a safe place, they heard a voice speaking the Newari language among the debris. They searched and searched for the source.
"Finally, they discovered a Newari Proclaimer. They and their friends and neighbors around them were so surprised to see the undamaged Proclaimer, speaking God's Word in their heart language.
"Praise the Lord! God is working among the Newari community. We are praying that they continue to hear God's Word clearly."

Disastrous events like the Nepal earthquake shake believers and their communities to the core—often literally. But one thing is clear: we know God is good to and miraculously provides for those who rely on Him for their continued well being and spiritual growth throughout their trials.