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Episode 3 - Jesus Film feat. Tom Dennen

We believe that it’s imperative to take the Gospel to those people groups in a way that they can understand. – Tom Dennen, Recording Partnership Coordinator, Jesus Film Project

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Now Hear This! Episode 2 - Deaf Bible Society feat. JR Bucklew

We’re able to engage deaf people all around the world with a Bible in their language so they can share that story.
– JR Bucklew

We hope you enjoy listening to this week’s podcast, in which our host Aaron talks with JR Bucklew, the president and founder of Deaf Bible Society, about how they are making great strides in reaching the deaf community—not only in the US, but all around the world.

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Now Hear This! Ep. 1 Who we are - Recording Trip Stories feat. Mark Wright

Listen to the pilot episode of “Now Hear This!” – our new podcast! In it, our host Aaron talks with Mark, one of our staff, about his most recent recording trip to a small island off of the coast of Alaska, St. Lawrence. The testimony of the Yupik people speaks to how vital they consider the Bible to be. Praise God that His Word is continuing to spread to every community!

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