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Episode 30 - The North Korean Church Part 2

North Korea is the only country in history that was intentionally founded as a distortion of the Christian faith.
– Pastor Eric Foley

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Episode 29 - The North Korean Church Part 1

For more than 60 years, North Korean Christians have grown their church in the teeth of the worst persecution in human history.
– Pastor Eric Foley, CEO and Co-Founder of Voice of the Martyrs Korea

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Episode 28 - Eurasia and MENA Featuring Jerrid Stelter

“I really love just getting people the Word of God—it speaks for itself.” – Jerrid Stelter

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Episode 27 - The Bible Project Featuring Ken Weigel

Understanding the overarching story of the entire Bible is really important.
– Ken Weigel

Ken Weigel, Senior Director of Strategies for The Bible Project, joins us on this week’s podcast to talk about the importance of seeing the “big picture” of the Bible. His ministry provides free videos that help people see the Bible for what it is: a beautifully unified and wonderfully true Story.

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Episode 26 - A Lifetime of Faithfulness Featuring Fergus Macdonald

To know that God loves His enemies so much that He sent His own Son to live and die for them—I think that will have a transforming impact upon the lives of many. – Fergus Macdonald

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Episode 25 - Wycliffe USA Featuring Dr. John Chesnut

It’s estimated that there are over 7,300 languages around the world. A little less than 700 of those languages have a full Bible.
– Dr. John Chesnut, President and CEO of Wycliffe USA

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Episode 24 - Theovision Kenya featuring Helen Etyang

We were told, ‘These women have traveled fifteen kilometers just to receive the Audio Bible.’ That was so impactful for us. – Helen Etyang

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