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Now Hear This! Episode 11 – Promise Child featuring Brent Kaser

They were broken and hurting, and we’re finding that the only thing that can heal them is God’s Word. – Brent Kaser

This week’s podcast features the story of Brent’s amazing journey toward starting Promise Child and partnering to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of children around the world. We hope it blesses you!

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Now Hear This! Episode 10 – Interrupting the Routine feat. Laurie Westlake

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, He left us one single command: To go, share, teach, and disciple. It’s not an option; it’s a command. – Laurie Westlake, ministry spokesperson

At age 40, after life had already settled into steady routine, Laurie Westlake’s husband told her that he had been called to translate the Bible into Fang, the heart language of a people group of the same name in Equatorial Guinea.

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Now Hear This! Episode 9 – World Testimonies

God has provided this Audio Bible to us. What a wonderful and precious gift. – testimony from Kiribati

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Now Hear This! Episode 8 – Initiatives featuring Alex Mathew

At the end of the day, whether it’s Wycliffe or Faith Comes By Hearing or anyone else, we are all in the mission of God. – Alex Mathew

Alex Mathew, our Director of Strategic Initiatives, joins our show to tell our listeners about his background in translation with Wycliffe in India, his great passion for partnership, and his excitement to be able to reach communities around the world for Christ.

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Now Hear This! Episode 7 – OneHope feat. Bob Hoskins Part 2

Bob Hoskins, founder of OneHope, received a vision in 1987 to reach the children of the world with the hope of the Bible. In the intervening decades, by God’s grace, OneHope has engaged over one billion children with the Book of Hope.

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Now Hear This! Episode 6 - OneHope feat. Bob Hoskins Part 1

1987—It started with a vision and a willing heart to serve the Lord in reaching the children of the world with the hope of the Bible.

Propelled by this vision, Bob Hoskins and his ministry, OneHope, have gone to the jungles, the cities, and those living beyond the fringe, partnering with thousands of local churches around the world so that children and youth can engage with Scripture and the Church can disciple the next generation. As of this year, over one billion children in 170 countries have received the Book of Hope.

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Now Hear This! Episode 5 - Oral Bible Translation feat. Robin Ulibarri

Traditionally, Faith Comes By Hearing works with partners and locals to record the Bible in a language that already has a translated, written text. But what about the hundreds of languages today that have no alphabet—that are spoken only?

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