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The Bible App Revolution

The Bible App Revolution

Whether you say “Bible-is,” “Bible-dot-is,” or “Bible-dot-i-s,” this Audio Bible app is one of the most innovative and revolutionary tools for believers and seekers to come out of the digital age. Having both online and mobile options – and drawing from the world’s largest repository of Bible content – is accessible virtually anytime and anywhere to help strengthen your spiritual life from the inside out.​

​Taking advantage of technology for both personal and ministry purposes has never been easier. With dramatized audio, text, and JESUS film video available in hundreds of languages (and more being added all the time), you can use the Bible app to read, listen, and see God’s Word in your own language as well as share it in another within moments.

​Add to the Bible app study experience through these additional features:

  • ​Set your display to one of 20+ trade-languages
  • Search for Bibles by language or country​
  • Download audio and/or text for offline use​
  • Search for books, keywords, or specific verses​
  • Bookmark, highlight in multiple colors, and take notes​
  • Share verses via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email with just a tap​
  • ​Sign up for a free account and never be without your customizations (syncs across platforms)

​A virtual Bible gateway, presents the inspired Word in all its marvelous glory through multi-voice recordings with original music and sound effects (single-voice and non-dramatized recordings are also available in some languages/versions). Listen along in your heart language and be swept away in the Story of all stories – and discover nuances that often don’t come across in the text alone. Download it today!

Free Bible app for Android
Free Bible app for iPhone
Free Bible app for iPad
Free Bible app for Kindle​

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