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Bible Blog Prayer Prayer November 2014: Ongoing

Prayer November 2014: Ongoing

Prayer November 2014: Ongoing

Faith Comes By Hearing Family:
As we dedicate ourselves to the Lord’s work, we stir up quite a spiritual battle and we covet your prayers for our leadership, employees and their families, and hundreds of partners in the field worldwide.

Thank you for your prayers for the Human Resources Department! Several new staff members have recently been hired, including an Aerospace Program Manager, a Travel Clerk, and a .NET Developer. Please pray as they learn their responsibilities and gain the knowledge of the ministry. Please continue to pray for the health, safety, and protection of our staff and their families.

Funding Opportunities (both nationally and internationally):
We are so grateful for those who have chosen to partner with us in this work! Please pray that the Lord will continue to move on the hearts of those with resources to give so that everyone can have access to God’s Word in their language.

Digital Bible Platform:
More than 287 million users from virtually every country in the world are engaging with God’s Word in every conceivable way, including field programs, streams, downloads, podcasts, apps, radio, and satellite! Please pray for:

  • the FCBH digital team to have Godly insight as they work to expand the Kingdom with upcoming technologies and initiatives, bringing God’s Word to everyone everywhere.
  • supernatural protection, clarity, and problem-solving skills for our developer/programming teams as they continue to expand our digital reach.
  • the continued success and proper functionality of all our current digital platforms: Digital Bible Platform, family of apps, digital downloads, podcasts, Radio Network, and satellite TV!
  • supporters and donors considering promoting and funding the expansion of these initiatives.
  • the technologies that carry God’s Word to flourish and to reach those who are hungry to receive it in their heart language, that His name may be glorified.

Deaf Bible Ministry:
Thank you for praying! More than 197,000 people have downloaded the Deaf Bible app. Please continue to pray for:

  • our Deaf Bible Ministry team as they educate people about the needs of the Deaf communities worldwide; and as they promote the app.
  • new languages to be added as they become available.
  • our team of developers as they continue to work on improvements and new technologies for distribution.

Every Church Every Village Program:
To date, more than 38,000 Proclaimers have reached churches and villages in hundreds of countries around the world through U.S. short-term mission trips. Please continue to pray for open doors and open hearts for the people in these countries who are receiving the Proclaimers.

Military BibleStick Program:
Please continue to pray for for the troops, especially at this time of year. With the holidays quickly approaching, suicide rates increase: Active duty troops average one a day; Veterans average one every 65 minutes. There are 22 million Veterans in the U.S., representing 10% of the population! Approximately six million are under the age of 50. With 15% attrition, approximately 180,000 men and women enter or leave the military each year.

Even though we’ve been able to send more than 480,000 Military BibleSticks over the past seven years, we have barely scratched the surface. Please be in prayer as over 700 pastors present this project to their congregations between now and the New Year.

Also, please be in prayer as leaders from 100 countries and several FCBH staff members attend an international military conference that takes place only once every 10 years. Please pray for open doors for us to be able to supply Audio Bibles to these international military troops; that God would touch their hearts so entire countries can change.

Posted: 11/26/2014

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