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Bible Blog Prayer Prayer January 2015: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer January 2015: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer January 2015: Eurasia/Middle East

Your prayers for new opportunities to reach the diaspora who have fled to all parts of Europe are being answered. Please continue to pray for those working with refugees in southeastern Europe. More and more fruit is being borne in refugee camps throughout the Middle East and the BibleStick plays a significant role as the majority of these refugees do not read their heart language.

Praise God for positive meetings with Bible Societies in western Europe, and for progress being made toward receiving permission to record languages that have been translated. Pray that nothing will get in the way of completing these new recordings; also for upcoming meetings with seven Bible Societies in southeastern Europe that new agreements would be signed for recordings that need to be done.

Praise God for the successful completion of the Komi-Zyrian recording in northern Russia. Pray for opportunities to use this recording to reach the people who need to know the Good News.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working in the following regions, language and country names have been changed or omitted to protect our partners and their workers.

Caucasus Region:
Please continue to pray for the progress of the Atta (pseudonym) recording; it has been delayed until mid-winter.

This area of the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia has been torn by multiple wars. Pray that there will be many opportunities to partner with workers who are sharing the Gospel among this people group; for the safety of the recording team as they conduct a research trip to one of the deadliest parts of this region for Christians; and for reliable contacts in order to accomplish the recording of a language referred to as ‘Z.’

Middle East:
Please pray that refugees from the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts who are receiving God’s Word on BibleSticks would have an opportunity to meet with believers to ask questions and be discipled.

Praise God for the couriers who will be carrying in BibleSticks for the Bible Society of Palestine. Pray for divine appointments for these BibleSticks, which will be used to minister to Arab Christians and as an outreach to Palestinian non-Christians; that men and women all over the country will come to Jesus.

Praise God for a pastor and his team that have been using Proclaimers to witness to people who are working in the fields; to crews who are working on roads; and to workers in a brick factory. Several of these people have professed faith in Jesus and have been baptized. Pray for protection for the teams as they boldly witness in a country that is very hostile to the Gospel.

Posted: 1/22/2015

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