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Bible Blog Prayer Prayer September 2014: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer September 2014: Eurasia/Middle East

Prayer September 2014: Eurasia/Middle East

Your prayers for new opportunities to reach the diaspora who have fled to all parts of Europe are being answered. Please continue to pray for those working with refugees in southeastern Europe.

One worker sent this prayer request: Pray that the God of all comfort will comfort a woman who arrived this week with two other believers. Her husband was beheaded because the family chose the Way. It is still very fresh for her. She asked for a BibleStick since she cannot read and needs comfort.

He also said: People say how disappointed they are in [the other religion] and are searching for Truth. Please pray that we speak not our words but those of our Lord and that they hear clearly. The last two weeks we had so many people leave the camp . . . those we baptized and those who studied the Word with us; but they continue on the road of learning who the Lord is. Pray that they continue to grow.

Pray for upcoming meetings with Bible Societies in Western Europe, and for progress being made toward receiving permission to record new translations; particularly for all European Bible Societies as they deal with reduced demand for Bibles, resulting from changing demographics and interest levels in Christianity; for Ukraine and the New Testament recording scheduled to take place in the Crimean region – that continued hostilities will not delay the recording.

Because of the extreme difficulty in working in the following regions, language and country names have been changed or omitted to protect our partners and their workers.

Caucasus Region:
Praise God for the completion the Cache (pseudonym) recording. Please continue to pray for the progress of the Atta (pseudonym) recording, now that the voice participants have returned from summer holidays; for the Project Coordinator whose life’s dream is to see the Bible recorded in her native language.

This area of the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia has been torn by multiple wars. Pray that there will be many opportunities to partner with workers who are sharing the Gospel among this people group; for the safety of the recording team as they conduct a research trip to one of the deadliest parts of this region for Christians; and for reliable contacts in order to accomplish the recording of a language referred to as ‘Z.’

Central Asia:
Praise God – six new partners will be setting up multiple listening groups; associations of churches in this difficult region are ready to promote FCBH listening groups among their member churches; and for the boldness of the Bible Societies in this region to promote FCBH listening groups in the face of strong opposition! Pray for one brother who will be traveling in the eastern part of Tajikistan, sharing the Gospel and setting up listening groups using Micro Proclaimers; that the ears and hearts of those listening will be receptive.

Middle East:
Praise God for a couple and their children who just received two BibleSticks. The mother and the two oldest children are especially interested in learning more about Jesus. [Recently] the oldest son and oldest daughter (after a discussion with the worker), accepted Jesus. Please pray for their growth as they are away from their home country. They can’t bring Bibles back with them but they can bring BibleSticks!

A missionary working with refugees in the region writes: A lot of the refugees I meet [cannot read]. I can provide them with God’s Word because I have some BibleSticks. A guy got shot in the leg by extremists years ago and he still struggles from that. He’s a very weak reader so I gave him a [BibleStick]. He’s finally starting to open up and came to [church] for the first time last Sunday. I hope his heart is filled with His Word via [the BibleStick]. Pray that these refugees will come to call on Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Pray for the Bible Society of Palestine as they minister to Arab Christians; that we will be able to get Audio Bibles to them; and that men and women all over the country will come to Jesus.

Posted: 9/18/2014

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