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Bible Blog Prayer February 2016 Prayer: Asia

February 2016 Prayer: Asia

February 2016 Prayer: Asia

Please pray for the Regional Manager during his upcoming travel to multiple countries.


Please pray for a Wycliffe India recording team member who was just diagnosed with cancer.

Praise God! Listening programs using the newly released Malayalam Easy-Read-Version New Testament will be implemented soon on the Andaman Islands. Please pray that the people will come to know of Jesus’ love for them!

Faith Comes By Hearing Indonesia is bringing on a new recording team, making it the sixth team working there. Combined, the teams will now be able to record up to 15 New Testaments annually! There is great potential to impact people’s lives in an area where the large majority are unbelievers and unreached. Please pray for safety for the teams as they travel; for them to find the best voice talents; for continued community support that will result in efficient recording projects; for God to touch the lives of those involved.

One recording team is working on a project in the rural areas of Papua, Indonesia, that has been bogged down by disputes over dialect. Many lines had to be re-recorded. Please pray that the remaining lines can be recorded – without any further problems or disputes – in order to create a high-quality recording that will accurately reflect the translated Word and make the greatest possible impact on the people.

Praise God! The Program Manager is healing nicely from his throat surgery. Although a slight complication prevented the surgery from being completed, he received great news from a second doctor – God miraculously healed him. Thank you for your prayers!

Please continue to pray for the people in the flood zones who have been suffering since last summer; for the refugee camps that sustained extensive damage; and for our partners in those areas.

Please continue to pray as the communities in this country recover from the Gorkha earthquake. There are still occasional aftershocks, but our partners are not nervous. Listening groups are starting again in many regions as life returns to normal.

Praise God! The newly-completed Sunuwar New Testament will be hand-carried to our in-country partner to implement listening programs in March. Please pray that the people will come to know of Jesus’ love for them.

Papua New Guinea:
Praise God! The Ese New Testament field recording is complete and 50 Mini Proclaimers will be sent to the Ese Bible Institute in February to use in implementing listening groups throughout the area. Please pray for safe transport of these units and for their effectiveness in reaching people with the Audio Bible.

Praise God! Thank you for praying for the Melpa New Testament field recording. It is now complete and in our studio for final mixing and mastering. Please pray that this process goes smoothly during the next couple of months.

Please continue to pray for our FCBH Recording Manager as he oversees several recording teams; safety when he travels to implement listening groups in the 12+ languages that have been recorded for the people in those areas; for his family while he is away from home; and for his labor to bear much fruit.

Please pray as we seek to strengthen partnerships with existing ministries that are working in Bible translation in Papua New Guinea; that strategies would emerge to accelerate the rate of producing quality recordings in the 100+ languages that have completed New Testaments.

Sri Lanka:
Please continue to pray for the new Faith Comes By Hearing Coordinator to develop good partnerships for implementing Bible listening groups within the country.

Posted: 2/9/2016

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