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August 2015 Prayer: Asia

August 2015 Prayer: Asia

**UPDATE** Please pray for an upcoming listening program training for pastors in mainland China.

The field recording of the Malayalam New Testament, Easy-Read-Version, should be completed by the end of August. Please pray against the numerous distractions that could delay its completion; also for the recording team and readers. We want this recording to be done on time so the people living in rural areas who speak this language can know of Christ’s love for them!

Recording teams are preparing to do projects for smaller language groups and have to travel to remote locations. Please pray for safety for the teams as they travel; for them to find the best voice talents; for continued community support that will result in an efficient recording project; that God would touch the lives of those involved.

Please pray as four districts in Myanmar have been declared a disaster zone by the government due to heavy floods caused by monsoon rains. Only 27 people are reported dead, but rescue teams have not yet reached many of the areas and are still awaiting reports from the worst-hit regions.

Several emails have gone out to our partners who may be working in these areas. We have not yet heard back from them. Please keep these precious people in your prayers.

Many of the camps that are housing refugees have “extensive damage,” affecting approximately 100,000 people in Rakhine State. We read one report (yet to be confirmed) that said the refugees may have been turned away from some shelters because of prejudice. Pray that, at this desperate time, prejudices will not cause people to die needlessly.

Please pray as the communities in this country continue to recover from the earthquake; there are still occasional aftershocks, but our partners are not nervous. Listening groups are starting to form again throughout many of the regions as lives get back to normal.

Praise God! The Sunuwar New Testament field recording is complete and is in our studios after many challenges. It started in mid-March, but due to the earthquake, was delayed until the end of June; and a technician was hurt during the quake. Nonetheless, both the technician and director were able to return to the country with joyful hearts to finish the project. We are thankful for their professionalism and faithfulness to see this project completed. Music and sound effects are being added to the recording and it should be ready for use in the villages in the next several months.

Papua New Guinea:
Praise God! The Gospel of Mark has recently been recorded in two languages: Melpa and South Tairora. Please pray that God would use these recordings to reach the people and change their lives; also that they would create an awareness of the need for the whole New Testament in both languages, motivating the people in the community to record both of them.

Please pray for the Ese recording that is currently underway – that the community and readers would support the team until the project is complete; for stamina for all involved; and for lives to be touched through the recording and hearing of God’s Word.

Please pray for our FCBH Recording Manager who is juggling many responsibilities coordinating procedures within the country and working with managers in the New Mexico office to make the recording process run smoother; for wisdom and joy as he carries out his multi-faceted role.

Please pray as we seek to strengthen partnerships with existing ministries who are working in Bible translation; that strategies would emerge to accelerate the rate of producing quality recordings in the 100+ languages that have completed New Testaments.

Thank you for your prayers! Here is a testimony from the field:

During a Faith Comes By Hearing group discussion, one woman was struck by Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Realizing that the Lord’s main audience was His disciples, she became more serious in her Christian life. After starting out as a member of a Bible listening group, she was trained to become a Bible study leader a year later. When a pastor with a Proclaimer formed another Bible study, this woman was assigned as the listening group facilitator. She says, ‘I believe that’s the message in Matthew chapter 5 – which I personally experienced – go from being a believer, to becoming a disciple, to becoming a discipler.

Sri Lanka:
Please pray for the new FCBH Coordinator to develop good partnerships for implementing Bible listening groups within the country.

Posted: 8/3/2015; Updated: 9/22/2015

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